Ban on Pakistani Artists in India

Do you think the ban on Pakistani artists is justified?

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  • Ban on Pakistani Artists in India – justified
  • Ban on Pakistani Artists in India – not justified
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Extempore Topic: Ban on Pakistani Artists in India

About the Topic

Following the Uri attack in 2016, and the more recent Pulwama terror attacks in 2019, India has imposed a total ban on Pakistani artists. This means that Pakistani actors cannot work in any Indian movie. Similarly, it prohibits Pakistani singers from making any music for Indian movies. 

However, there has been a debate about whether or not this ban is justified.

Ban on Pakistani Artists in India - justified

  • Pakistani actors showed no consolidation for the Indian soldiers who died in the crossfire. These artists are first to condemn other countries for their terror attacks but are quiet when their country is the instigator.
  • Even Pakistani cricketers have been banned from playing in India, therefore it is only justified to ban the artists as well.
  • Banning artists put out the message of global alienation.
  • This move will also force Indian producers to cast fresh Indian talents in movies and productions.
  • Pakistani has banned many Indian movies.
  • Hosting Pakistani artists and enjoying their work, shows that we have no empathy for our soldiers, who are getting killed by Pakistani terrorists.

Even if they are not responsible for the action of the country and the illegal organizations in the country, the ban on Pakistani artists is still justifiable. This shows that we as a country are taking a stand against the terrorism festering in Pakistan. It is also an important message to our soldiers that shows that we are in consolidation in our way.

Ban on Pakistani Artists in India - not justified

  • Art is not bounded by country and borders. It should not be used as a political tool.
  • Banning Pakistani actors will not stop terrorism. These actors have no relations with the terrorists whatsoever.
  • Pakistani actors at the end of the day are mere civilians and have no decision-making powers in their country. Punishing them for the actions of the government is wrong.
  • Why ban only the artists? There should be a total boycott, stopping all exports and imports.
  • If the only reason for banning Pakistani artists is the growing terrorism, then we should ban media and items from all the countries that engage in terrorism.
  • By the logic, there should also be a ban on British media and artists, because of their 200-year rule over India and all the crimes they committed against the civilians.
  • Banning artists will only make the relations between the two countries tenser.


The growing terrorism in Pakistan and the atrocities of the Indian soldiers and civilians are a matter of concern. However, punishing the artists and prohibiting them from working will not solve the problem. Our government needs to take strict measures against these terrorists and stop their advances in our country.

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