Crimes Against Women

Discuss the growing crimes against women in India.

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crimes against women group discussion

Extempore Topic: Crimes against women

About the topic:-

Goal 5-Gender Equality: to achieve gender equality for all girls and women. It is one of the UN’s 17 sustainable goals. The need for this is the alarming rise in crimes committed against women, and the low persecution rate of the criminals. 

In 2021, India ranked 148 among the 170 countries on Women, Peace, and Security Index. This is the result of the huge amount of violence that is occurring daily against women. 

Some of the most heinous crimes committed against women in India are:-

  • Female Infanticide. Aborting babies solely because of their gender (female), and abandoning newborn baby girls are common practices in India. The patriarchal society of India warrants a male child and considers a female child a burden. Especially in the rural side of the country, female infanticide is vastly committed.
  • Rape. In 2020, on an average 88 rape cases were reported daily, and a lot more went unreported. India has a delayed justice system for convicting rapists, taking years to deliver judgment.
  • India festers a victim-blaming culture. More than calling out the abusers, in India, we blame the victims for their situation. In rape cases, often the blame is shifted and the action of the rapist is justified on grounds of the attire of the girl, why she was alone at night, why was she drunk, and more.
  • India has not yet criminalized marital rape.
  • Acid attack. Throwing corrosive substances (acids) on women has become a common practice in India. More often the perpetrators go unpunished in these cases.
  • Domestic violence. Women suffer mentally and physically in their homes. Especially married women are tortured by their inlaws for reasons like dowry or not birthing a male child and in certain cases for no reason at all. 
  • Most domestic violence actions go unnoticed with no one supporting the women. A lot of these cases end with the woman taking her life.

Steps that were taken by the Government of India:-

  • The Indian government has started all-women PCR vans with GPS to assist women.
  • The emergency number “112” was made for women to call and ask for assistance.
  • Fast track courts are implemented to speed up trials.
  • Reserving seats for women at central and state levels.
  • Installation of security cameras and surveillance of spaces (parking lots, escalators) to monitor and look for any signs of assault against women.
  • State governments are taking initiatives, like Teleganas “SHE Teams”, a dedicated women-only police force, special transport services for women, etc. 
  • The central government launched the “Beti Padhao Beti Bachao” movement to increase the female literacy rate in the country.

What can be done?

  • Education and awareness is the foremost requirement. Most women do not know or are not aware of the help they can receive. 
  • Harsher punishments should be implemented for crimes committed against women.
  • An environment should be created, where women and young girls are taught about their rights.
  • Start teaching the meaning of terms like “consent”, “personal space”, “boundaries” and more.


To conclude, India is fast becoming one of the most dangerous countries for women. We are in need of strict reforms and harsh punishments for these crimes. In addition to it, education needs to be made accessible to girls, especially those in rural areas.

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