Is Technology making us Uncivilized?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Technology

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advantages and disadvantages of technologies essay

Extempore Topic: Is technology making us uncivilized?

About the topic:-

Today we are living in a digital world where everything is facilitated by some technology. Our lives are becoming dependent on technology and gadgets. It has made a lot of tasks easier and decreased the load on a human. However, too much dependency on technology is harmful. It is stripping us away from our instincts as humans.

Advantages of Technology:-

  • Technical advances have improved the quality of life and made a lot of tasks easier for us humans.
  • Due to technology the world has become a small place where we can stay connected with people regardless of national/international borders.
  • Today we have developed types of machinery that can do tasks that were difficult for humans or beyond the human scope.
  • With technological advancement, we can let machines do tasks that are too dangerous for humans. For example, robots are now being used alongside firefighters. This has led to a decrease in the injuries firefighters sustain.
  • Technology has improved the overall quality of life. 
  • For example, with technology, we can reach remote locations. The inhabitants of these places can access education and medical facilities because technology has erased the borders.

Technology has made the world a better place for everyone. Our lives have become easier with the incorporation of machines into our day-to-day tasks. Technology saves time and effort which can be then used in some other tasks.

Disadvantages of Technology:-

  • We have become so dependent on technology that we are slowly losing our human instincts.
  • Machines are replacing humans, which is leading to a surge in unemployment. 
  • People are more and more comfortable with technology and are losing the need to have human interaction.
  • Our memory capacity is eradicating because we use our smartphones for all reminders. From storing contact details to birthdates, for everything we use mobile phones.
  • Today for every small problem we look for solutions online. Similarly, before buying anything or trying a new activity, we read reviews from other people. This is affecting our problem-solving and decision-making capability as we are more and more becoming dependent on the internet.


Today with technology we are getting farther and farther away from what it means to be human. We are losing touch with the people around us as we get more and more engrossed in technology. Technological advancements are also promoting a culture where people are not doing any tasks on their own. Being dependent on gadgets for the smallest things.

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