Is it possible for AI to replace Humans?

Can AI replace human intelligence?

On this page, you will point out in support of and against of for the group discussion topic “Is it possible for AI to replace humans?”

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is it possible for ai to replace humans essay

Extempore Topic: Is it possible for AI to replace humans?

About the topic:-

This topic checks how much the candidates are in touch with the technological advances of current times. This is a common topic, asked in engineering job interviews. There can be two sides to this group discussion, one side which agrees that at some point Artificial Intelligence will completely replace human intelligence while another side believes that Artificial Intelligence can never replace humans.

Can AI replace humans?:- against the point

  • It is not possible for AI to ever replace humans.
  • Our cognitive ability differentiates us from all the creatures on planet earth.
  • Humans can feel emotions for each other which influences our decisions and actions.
  • An AI-induced machine can never feel so, it is programmed to undergo certain tasks based on certain conditions. But it can never think on its own and make decisions.
  • Even though AI today is replacing humans in many jobs, customers are almost always more satisfied with humans than with AIs.
  • For example, nowadays customer service executives are being replaced by AIs, especially chatbots. Surveys show that most customers prefer talking to an agent to chatting with a bot. Although they enjoy the quick response of the bot, in several situations a bot cannot function properly. Like to settle a dispute or if a customer has some issues with the product and needs a refund. In this case, customers prefer a human with whom they can reason over a chatbot.
  • There exists several professions that AI will never be able to take over. These include:-
    • Engineers:- Engineering is the art of creation. And everything an engineer creates comes from their ability to think and develop objects to tackle problems. Since an AI does not possess this ability to think, it will never be able to create an object on its own without any external input. 
    • Lawyers:- A lawyer is often needed to bend the laws and find loopholes to save their clients. This requires a great deal of reasoning ability, which is not possible for an AI to have.
    • Counselors:- A counselor, counsels people over their mental health issues. They talk with people and give them advice and help them overcome their grief, trauma, etc. An AI-induced machine that is incapable of feeling itself will never be able to counsel people and give them mental health advice.

In recent times AI has been the hot thing and is becoming more common and accessible to the world. However, the notion that AI will replace humans is wrong, as at the end of the day it is humans who are creating these AI and programming their algorithms.

Can AI replace humans?:- for the point

  • It is not a complete impossibility that AIs at some point will take over humans and completely eradicate us.
  • To believe that just because AIs today are incapable of reasoning and making decisions does not mean that they will be the same in the coming future.
  • There is always the possibility that AI machines that are being taught to adapt to different scenarios and behave accordingly will at some point become independent of human influence altogether.
  • In the current world, AI has already replaced humans in workshops and factories. For example, in the packaging industry people used to manually do the labor but today it has been replaced by machines.
  • Computers are better than humans at computing and analyzing data. Nowadays, banks are using computer algorithms to do data entry for their customers. This is because the error margin becomes zero when an AI does the computation rather than a human.
  • In the telemarketing industry and customer service lines, AIs have already replaced a huge chunk of humans. Chatbots are being actively used in these industries and are being favored for their 24/7 assistance.
  • AIs have already started replacing security guards and patrol officers, as these robots are not bounded by the limitations of the human body. They are faster, stronger, and more durable than an average human being.
  • Militaries across the world have already started using AI-induced robots in place of soldiers. An army of robots will prove to be deadlier than humans as they are capable of destruction at a larger level without the causalities that come with war. This shows that the future of the battlefield is robots.


Slowly but surely AIs are replacing and taking over professions. And this will only grow. Soon there will be machines running on more advanced algorithms. And they will be capable of doing tasks, that are currently considered impossible for them. Thus, it will not be a far-fetched idea that robots will at some point take over and completely replace human intelligence.

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