Is working for an MNC, a new kind of slavery?

Corporate Jobs are the new form of slavery.- Yes or No

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working for mnc is slavery essay

Extempore Topic: Is working for an MNC, a new kind of slavery?

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Corporates or MNCs are huge companies and they have a large number of employees working for them. In a corporate job you are working for an employee position in one department of a multilevel company. There are different hierarchical structures in a corporation. As an employer you are reporting to your superior, who in turn is reporting to their superior.

Is working for a MNC, a new kind of slavery?-yes

  • Corporate jobs are a form of slavery where employers have long working hours with little to no paid leaves and low salaries.
  • Many corporations have strict workplace rules, and any employee failing to follow them is penalized.
  • India is a labour surplus country. This means that there are more workers then there are jobs. 
  • This has decreased the value of the employees, making them work for low wages and even made them work overtime.
  • Corporates are actively exploiting employees by giving them a low pay for more work. 

Though not literally, corporate jobs have become a form of slavery now. Where employees are treated badly and almost always not rewarded for their hardwork and dedication.

Is working for a MNC, a new kind of slavery?-No

  • Corporate jobs are not a form of slavery.
  • Slavery was and still is a social evil, and comparing it to corporate jobs is wrong.
  • Working for a corporate still for the most part is a choice while slavery was not. Slaves were not given a choice to work for their owners. They were bought and sold like objects and had no choice in their life.
  • The conditions in which slaves lived was horrible. They were hardly ever paid by their owners and were exploited heavily.
  • Slavery was racial discrimination.
  • As an employee, you get benefits from the company in the form of health insurance and other perks. Slaves are not even given basic human rights.
  • Employees still have the right to talk and demand rights and benefits from their employers. This was not possible for slaves.
  • The idea that all corporates are strict, forcing their employees to work is wrong. Many companies are changing and modifying their workplace by introducing flexible work hours and other benefits.


To date slavery exists and is an inhumane practice. Slaves are denied their basic human rights and are treated horribly. They are made to live in inhumane conditions and are not allowed any medical access. In some cases, slaves are even deprived of food and water. Comparing this situation to a ten-hour workday corporate job is not right. It greatly reduces the suffering of the slaves. And it also minimizes the crimes that slave owners committed and are still committing.

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