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Facebook is a social media platform whereas LinkedIn is more of a social networking site. They are both similar in use, where you can upload images and reach out to people. You can send them connection requests and follow their posts. 

However, both these platforms are vastly different.


  • Facebook is used by people to share with friends (connection) their day-to-day activities.
  • People post about their vacations, parties, birthdays, etc. on FB.
  • Facebook is the more popular of the two boasting a user count of over two billion.
  • It is the best platform to keep yourself updated with the latest news and happenings all over the world.
  • With a huge user count, Facebook is the best site to connect with people.
  • Advertising on Facebook is very common. It is easy to reach out to the target audience of your products with Facebook.
  • Facebook groups are also a common and powerful tool to help spread your business. You can create and join groups to sell and promote your products.
  • Facebook targets audiences of all age groups.

In conclusion, Facebook is the biggest hub to connect with people. It has a huge database with which you can reach out to various people and also build your own brand and influence


  • LinkedIn is a social networking platform where recruiters can post about hiring and job aspirants can reach out to HRs.
  • It is not as common as Facebook, having a user count of 200 million.
  • Most of their users are white-collar workers and college students.
  • LinkedIn helps individuals get employed.
  • It is a professional site where members can share their professional achievements.
  • LinkedIn is comparatively more secure with its users being professional personnel. There is less chance of encountering fake profiles and scammers, as opposed to Facebook.
  • The target audience of LinkedIn is college students and working professionals looking to connect.


LinkedIn is a more professional platform with its users looking to upskill and connect with industry people.

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