Pros and Cons of E-learning

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pros and cons of e learning essay

Extempore Topic: Pros and Cons of E-Learning

About the Topic:-

The E-learning platform allows students to access their classes from anywhere via a computer. Today several platforms offer online education. Their courses include upskilling courses, academic courses, coding courses, and more. E-learning has many pros as well as cons.

Pros of E-learning:

  • The availability of recorded lectures allows the learners to rewatch the content.
  • No need to commute to any institution.
  • We can access the courses from anywhere.
  • It allows a flexible schedule where one can learn at a time of their convenience.
  • E-learning promotes a habit of self-paced learning. 

In today’s fast-paced world, E-learning is becoming the new norm. It allows people, especially those who are working a regular job to engage in upskilling their skills. For individuals who want to enhance their skillsets and get better job opportunities, e-learning provides massive opportunities.

Cons of E-learning:-

  • It demands heavy self-discipline from the learner such that they can sit and attend their online classes.
  • E-learning is not accessible to everyone. 
  • Not everyone has the same access to computers and the internet, which is required for attending online learning.
  • E-learning is not inclusive, as many individuals need special or one on one attention from a mentor to understand the course matter.
  • It does not give the users any networking opportunities.


E-learning is available to a selected part of society. Not everyone has the means to attend online classes. Accessibility to the internet and computers is not universal. Thus, e-learning and e-learning platforms need to get more inclusive.

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