Money is Honey. Yes or No?

Do you believe money is everything?

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is money most important essay

Extempore Topic: Money is honey. Yes or No?

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“Money is honey” or rather “Money is sweeter than honey” is an old proverb. It implies that having money is the most important thing in life and that life becomes easier if you are rich. However, this notion is debatable and everyone has their own opinions.

Money is honey:- Yes

  • Money is a powerful tool that can change anyone’s life.
  • Without money, it is impossible to survive.
  • Money provides you with food and shelter, the basic necessities.
  • Everything in the world requires money. From education to health care to recreation, nothing is free.
  • People who say that money is not important are those who have it in abundance.
  • Working-class people spend their entire lives earning money to increase their life quality.
  • Parents work hard and save up their money just to provide their children with the very basic amenities.
  • We live in a society that is only kind to those who have money. If you are poor or don’t have money in abundance you will lose people.
  • Most of the major world problems can be solved with money. World hunger, global warming, and climate change can be resolved with money.

Only rich people say that money is not everything. People who have enough money that they can get away without working a day. The working class and poor people cannot say this. They are those who are working two jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. These people have to think twice before spending money. Therefore, money is in fact sweeter than honey.

Money is honey:- No

  • Money is indeed powerful, but it should not be treated as the most important thing in life.
  • Just because one is rich does not mean they have no problems.
  • Money cannot buy you true friends and family.
  • Those who truly care for you will be there for you regardless of your financial situation. If your friends leave you when you have no money, then they were not your friends to begin with.
  • One’s happiness and satisfaction should not be dependent on materialistic things, because these people will never be satisfied.
  • No matter how rich you are you cannot buy feelings. People won’t be loyal to you or love you simply because you are rich.


Money is important but it should not serve as your primary motivator. Here are far greater things in life than money. The memories you make with your loved ones and the bonds you have are things that will stay with you forever.

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