Jammu and Kashmir is divided into two sections- Pros and Cons

Discuss the pros and cons of the Jammu and Kashmir division.

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Jammu and kashmir divided into two

Extempore Topic: Discuss the pros and cons of Jammu and Kashmir's bifurcation

In the year 2019, August 5 the association between the state of Jammu and Kashmir with the Union of India was modified and the Article 370 was re-operationalized and 35 A was removed permanently, and the state was downgraded and divided into two union territories- one was Jammu and Kashmir that is a union territory with legislative assembly and other was Ladakh a union territory without legislative assembly.

Pros of Jammu and Kashmir's bifurcation

  • It was a demand of people residing in Ladakh to bifurcate from Jammu and Kashmir due to discrimination, no proper education, and health facilities. Now after division, there will be huge development and growth. We’ll be able to see huge growth in these regions because now it’s under the Central government.
  • The union territories of Jammu and Kashmir will now see massive acquisitions by the private and public sectors corporations like IT, small-scale industries, health, education, and many more. Due to bifurcation, Ladakh will see an inclination in terms of economy.
  • Division of the state will help the government to tackle tourism in a better way.


Bifurcation will lead to better governance, tourist control, and development in the areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

Cons of Jammu and Kashmir's bifurcation

  • This decision was made by the government all of a sudden without consulting local political leaders and people residing there leaving everyone shocked which caused a serious issue in the state.
  • The division of Jammu and Kashmir can be used by people to influence the youngsters against the Indian government.
  • Due to bifurcation, people residing in Ladakh faced criticism. The bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir from state to union territory without any prior notice from the local government can be set as a wrong illustration for the country.


Criticism was faced by the government because they didn’t consult with the local political leaders. Also, Article 370 was reoperated without any consent from the locals.

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