Gender Equality in the Workplace

What does gender equality at work mean?

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Gender equality at workplace

Extempore Topic: Gender equality at workplace

Gender equality means offering an equal quantity of opportunities to both men and women. Gender equality is also termed gender equalitarianism. Gender equality at work can be achieved by eliminating any kinds of discrimination on the basis of gender and giving a fair chance to women and men.

Gender equality- advantages

  • Equality in gender will help the company to grow economically. It will enhance the political systems, and government, and also change the perspective of future generations.
  • The United States has 56% reservations for female candidates and this idea was adopted by many other countries of providing equal opportunity.
  • Gender equalities make the communities safer and more beneficial.
  • Keeping a company with no gender discrimination will improve the association’s prominence. In a survey, it was found that the organizations with women employees in administrative positions do better than the organizations without women employees.
  • People getting equal opportunities implies to increase in innovation and creativity in the companies.


Gender equality is all about providing equal opportunities to both genders. There is no law created for restricting females in any field. Now, many companies have started treating their employees with the same rewards, and responsibilities.

Gender equality- disadvantages

  • Women are treated unfairly at the workplace many times. It is due to social restrictions put on women in the past which is why even now women face problems. Women are legally limited to having the same jobs as men.
  • A report that indicates women workers in plantations were paid less than men enough after implementing gender equality in the company.
  • Gender equality can also give exposure to higher rates of sexual harassment and gender-based brutality.
  • Gender equality can cause a lack of communication between men and women due to stereotypical thinking.


Gender equality can lead to a lack of communication and also. There are many cases where a company claims about having gender equality but the reality is different. A survey was conducted in Microsoft on International Women’s Day, which stated that there are barriers for women in the workplace with 29% of female employees claiming of having gender barriers for them.

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