Lessons learned from Covid 19


What were some of the lessons learned from Covid 19?

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Extempore Topic: Lessons learned from Covid 19

About the topic:-

Covid 19 or the Coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan, China led the world to a temporary standstill in 2020. The highly communicable virus brought about a stop across all industries, forcing everyone to adapt to an online environment. This pandemic brought a shift in the ways things were done. And we as humans learned one too many lessons from it.

Lessons learned from Covid 19:-

The good:-

  • Perhaps the biggest lesson we learned was the awareness of various viruses and bacteria. People started taking care of themselves more, taking precautions at the smallest onset of a symptom. 
  • Self-diagnosis and self-check-up models became more widely used. People started using tools to measure their blood pressure or blood sugar levels by themselves instead of visiting doctors.
  • This is facilitating the practice of telehealth systems.
  • The pandemic has shown how adaptive humans can get when in need.
  • With the pandemic shifting most of the world to an online work mode, there was a reduction in the number of vehicles. Which in turn drastically reduced the pollution levels. 
  • There was an overall increase in the air quality and water quality. 
  • With the year-long lockdown, many discussions took place over mental health. Employees working from home were more productive. A flexible work schedule and being allowed to stay in their environment made it easier for employees to function.

The bad:-

  • The hardest lesson of the pandemic was perhaps that it was not the same for everyone. While some people could easily shift their jobs online and work from home, many workers found themselves unemployed.
  • With the lockdown, daily wage workers were suddenly left deserted with no source of income.
  • In 2020, many people lost their lives as they tried to migrate from one state to another. With the restrictions on transportation, migrant workers were forced to walk thousands of kilometers to reach their hometowns. 
  • There was a high increase in the cases of domestic violence reported, during the covid lockdown.
  • Students were forced to move back in with their abusive families as their hostels and PGs got shut off during the pandemic.
  • The online exams were not accessible to everyone. Internet facilities and the availability of laptops/smartphones are not uniform. Many students, especially those from rural areas .

Corona was not the same for all. While for some people it simply meant a vacation from their daily life for others it was losing their employability. The serious shortcomings of our health sector were brought to the forefront. At a time the number of patients exceeded the available hospital beds. This sparked a serious discussion about the improvement of healthcare infrastructure and making medicine available to all. 

But there were heart worming displays of people coming together. Religious places offered their spaces for treating the sick. Self-volunteers worked to provide emergency supplies to those in need. 

Despite its tragic effects, covid 19 taught us some hard lessons. It showed how much as a society we have progressed and just how much more we need to do.

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