Impact of Technology on Jobs

Will technology impacts on jobs?

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Impact of technology on jobs

Extempore Topic: Impact of technology on jobs

About the topic:-

This topic checks how much the candidates are in touch with the technological advances of current times. This is a common topic, asked in engineering job interviews. There can be two sides to this group discussion, one side which states the pros and other side states the cons. This topic also checks how the candidates are prepared for future and how confident they are.

The positive impact of technology on jobs:

  • Technology improves the productivity and reduces the burden on workers.
  • It also helps to reduce the time of work.
  • Due to increase in technology, demand for technically skilled youth is increasing and hence more jobs available for educated youth. This can solve the problem of educated unemployment to some extent.
  • To some extent, technologies can also saves lives of people. For example, In construction site, there may be some accidental issues where robots or technological equipments can be used.
  • Computers are better than humans at computing and analyzing data. Nowadays, banks are using computer algorithms to do data entry for their customers. This is because the error margin becomes zero when the technology does the computation rather than a human.
  • In the telemarketing industry and customer service lines, chatbots are being actively used in these industries and are being favored for their 24/7 assistance.
  • Technologies have the potential to create large scale jobs in rural areas and hence addresses the rural unemployment issue.

In recent times technology has been the hot thing and is becoming more common and accessible to the world. Technologies do work more efficiently and give better results than a human work results.

The negative impact of technology on jobs:

  • Our cognitive ability differentiates us from all the creatures on planet earth.
  • Humans can feel emotions for each other which influences our decisions and actions.
  • With the increase in technology, many of the industries get automated by machines which result in a decrease in the involvement of human beings.
  • An AI-induced machine can never feel so, it is programmed to undergo certain tasks based on certain conditions. But it can never think on its own and make decisions.
  • With also increase in technology, humans become lazy.
  • Even though AI today is replacing humans in many jobs, customers are almost always more satisfied with humans than with AIs.
  • For example, nowadays customer service executives are being replaced by AIs, especially chatbots. Surveys show that most customers prefer talking to an agent to chatting with a bot. Although they enjoy the quick response of the bot, in several situations a bot cannot function properly. Like to settle a dispute or if a customer has some issues with the product and needs a refund. In this case, customers prefer a human with whom they can reason over a chatbot.

If the technology grows on, definitely there will be unemployment issue. Though there occurs some employment, those employment opportunities will be given to the skilled persons only. On the other end, there will be no scope of unskilled persons.

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