Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media is a bane or a boon?

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pros and cons of social media essay

Extempore Topic: Pros and Cons of Social Media

About the topic:-

Social media includes platforms like Facebook(Meta), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, where people can connect. Today almost everyone has a user account on at least one of the many platforms. There are multiple advantages of social media while also including certain disadvantages.

Pros of Social Media:-

  • Gives a platform for people to voice their opinions.
  • It allows users to connect with people globally.
  • Many brands are marketing their products using social media. They can reach a wider audience by advertising on these platforms.
  • Sites like LinkedIn help job seekers to apply for jobs and connect with recruiters.
  • Today social media itself has become a platform to earn money. Content creators can create and upload content and monetize it, to make a profit.
  • Social media helps bring awareness to various topics and keep us updated on global happenings.
  • It provides entertainment and satisfaction to the users. People take a five-minute break from work and scroll through their social media feed because it provides them with a temporary getaway.

Social media erases borders, bringing people closer. It helps bridge the gap between people. We can connect with people and seek personal and professional guidance. And most important news that is censored by regular media is brought to attention by social media posts.

Cons of Social Media:-

  • There is no strict age restriction. This leads to pre-teenagers getting on social media platforms. These children are vulnerable and are manipulated by predators over the internet.
  • To create a social media account, one needs to provide personal information (phone number, email address, city, country, etc). Although it is claimed that the data is safe, there is always the possibility of this information being leaked or sold. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica case is one of the best examples of this.
  • With the wide use of social media, cyberbullying has also become common.
  • No one questions the authenticity of the news or informational posts that are shared on social media. People often do not fact-check and believe fake news.
  • Social media platforms provide a free space for everyone. Some people misuse this space by spreading hate speech or making violent remarks (threatening violence) against other people.
  • Too much use of social media leads to a decrease in productivity.


With the overuse of social media, people are slowly disconnecting from their real-life friends. People are becoming addicted to these platforms and this leads to them ignoring work.

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