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The Statue of Unity was made to pay tribute to the First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of an Independent India, Vallabhbhai Patel who was also called the Iron Man of India. The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest sculpture, with a height of 182 meters, situated in Gujarat, India.

Pros of Statue of Unity

  • The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue and was considered to be a “Nation Pride” and was also listed as the 100 greatest places on the globe by Time back in the year 2019.
  • The Statue of Unity created many job opportunities for local people.
  • The Statue of Unity also attracted tourists at the international level. 
  • Due to the Statue of Unity, there was an increase in the income of regional businesses, transportation, accommodation, etc.
  • The status was estimated to prevail for 1000 years if this happens then there will be a massive contribution to the Nation via the tourism sector.


For a country like India, The Statue of Unity will indeed produce numerous job opportunities for people of local and rural areas. It is also a symbolic representation of unity and strength. It reflects the true personality of Sardar Patel who was strong-headed.

Cons of Statue of Unity

  • The administration faced numerous backlash while building the statue because they spent around 3000 crores on this project which could be used for other sectors like education, health, safety, etc.
  • Many political groups opposed it because the place was considered of religious values.
  • Many people disagree with this decision because there were many freedom fighters in the freedom movement. But it was a little unfair to praise only a few freedom fighters.
  • At the time of building the Statue of Unity, the nation was affected by natural calamities so money could be used for the betterment of people who were affected by the disasters.


India is still categorized under developing countries. At this moment rather than using this huge amount on making a statue, the government could use that for developing the health, safety, and education sectors.

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