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Hard Work vs Smart Work

Extempore Topic: Hard Work v/s Smart Work

What is Hard Work?

Hard Work means consistently working on particular tasks and not being worried about the result. In hard work, there will be no means to reduce the effort.

What is Smart Work?

Smart Work means working on the task by putting some efforts and thinking in a way where one can obtain maximum results.

Features of Hard Work:-

  • Hard work needs commitment and seriousness.
  • Hard workers works sincerely and consistently to perceive the results.
  • Hard workers need to face challenging situations no matter how hard the situation is.
  • Hard work is about quantity.
  • Hard work need physical strength.
  • Working hard indicates that one works honestly and takes up the entire responsibility for the completion of the task.

Hard work gives us experience. In simpler words, hard work in the sense we put more effort, dedicate and stick to it. Hard work needs commitment and some traditional form of working patterns.

Features of Smart Work:-

  • Smart work needs creative and rational ideas.
  • Smart workers use lateral thinking skills to perceive the results.
  • Smart workers always use their time more efficiently.
  • Smart work is often associated with brain(thinking ability).
  • Smart work is about quality.
  • Smart work need mental strength.
  • Smart workers are able to take tough decisions at right time.

Hard work gives us experience whereas Smart work comes from experience. Smart work in the sense, doing anything with less effort, it takes less time and gives you results much faster. Smart work is result of hard work.

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