“Blood is thicker than Water” Agree or Disagree

Discuss the proverb “Blood is thicker than water”.

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is blood thicker than water essay

Extempore Topic: “Blood is thicker than water” Agree or Disagree

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The proverb  means that family ties or family bonds are stronger than friendship. However, this proverb is a mistranslation and the original saying is “blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. The meaning is that bonds that are formed between two people by choice are stronger than family bonds. This was saying originated from soldiers where the bond between two soldiers who are fighting and dying together is stronger than whatever bonds they had with their families.

Blood is Thicker than Water: Agree

  • Family ties are stronger because these bonds are formed at the time of birth and stay with us till we die.
  • The strongest bond anyone can form is the one with their parents. 
  • Parents bring you into this world and they raise you to become the person you are.
  • This saying has been held throughout history. Kings have passed on their kingdoms to their children no matter how incompetent a ruler they would be. 
  • The very existence of the term nepotism is proof that people often succeed in life because of their family ties and not their talent. Therefore family bonds or blood relations are stronger.

Family always look out for one another and want the better for each other. Your closest relatives, parents, and siblings will always want the best for you. On the other hand, most strangers you meet and make relationships with often have ulterior motives. They often are friends with you because it is profitable to them. History is full of instances where friends have betrayed each other. The biggest example is how Brutus stabbed Ceaser because he did not want him to attain more power.

Blood is thicker than water:- Disagree

  • The concept that just because someone is family they are more important than friends is wrong. 
  • The bonds we make on our choices are always stronger than bonds that were formed simply because of our birth.
  • The saying “Blood is thicker than water” is not even complete. It is a mistranslated version of “Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. This means that the bonds formed from choice will be superior to family bonds.
  • Often an individual is trapped in a toxic household simply because they are taught this proverb. They are guilted into believing that family comes first no matter how abusive their relatives are.
  • Every day newborn children are abandoned by their parents. These children are raised in orphanages or adoptive households. This shows just how weak blood bonds are.
  • Children are shunned by their parents and are exiled from the family if they go against their parents’ wishes.
  • Members of the LGBTQ community are rarely supported by their family members.


Just because someone is related to you by blood does not mean they hold a higher position in your life. Friends are the people we choose in our lives while we are almost always stuck with relatives. 

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