Which Occupation Best Serves the Country: Teacher or Soldier?

Discuss: who serves the country better: teacher or soldier?

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  • Which occupation best serves the country: teacher?
  • Which occupation best serves the country: soldier?
which is a better profession teacher or soldier essay

Extempore Topic: Which occupation best serves the country: teacher or soldier?

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Teachers and Soldiers are two of the noblest professions. A teacher teaches and nurtures the youth of the nation while a soldier fights for and protects the nation. However, is it possible to measure their contribution and judge who has a bigger impact? 

Which occupation best serves the country: teacher?

  • A teacher helps their students develop an attitude and thought process.
  • Without a teacher who will teach a soldier the necessary values and the distinction between right and wrong.
  • Teachers help a person grow mentally and professionally. 
  • Without teachers, the nation would become dysfunctional. There will not be anyone to guide the youth towards a brighter future.
  • A teacher is responsible for the leader who will lead the country to prosperity

A teacher is a more important profession because they are responsible for teaching individuals. These individuals then go on to become professionals, doctors, engineers, and soldiers. Thus, for a child to become a soldier, they need teachers to guide them through. Without a teacher, there will not be any soldiers either.

Which occupation best serves the country: soldier?

  • Soldiers protect the nation and all the citizens who are living in it. (including teachers)
  • Soldiers have an unflinching commitment towards their country, where they are ready to give up their life when needed.
  • Without soldiers, the country would be unprotected from external invasions and internal uprisings.
  • A soldier sacrifices his comfort and security, dedicating their life to live and fight for the country.
  • Soldiers live in extreme conditions (Siachen Glacier where the temperature dips to -50), they live away from their homes and families not meeting them for ages. They do all these sacrifices to protect the nation.


Soldiers are the superior profession because they are serving the country 24/7. They fight, kill and die for the nation. Without soldiers, a country will not be protected and fall into a cycle of poverty and despair. There will be no growth in the country.

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