Impact of Plastics: Environmental v/s Economical

Discuss the impact of plastics on environmental and economical levels.

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  • Impact of Plastics:- Environmental
  • Impact of Plastics:- Economical
impact of plastic on economy and environment essay

Extempore Topic: Impact of Plastics: Environmental v/s Economical

About the topic:-

Plastic today is being used everywhere. They are present in simple packaging to complex machinery. One of the reasons for this increased use of plastics is that it is the cheapest option for many. However, plastics especially single-use plastics are extremely dangerous for the environment.

Impact of Plastics:- Environmental

  • Plastics take over a thousand years to decompose.
  • As it has no proper way to decompose fast, disposing plastics has also become a huge issue.
  • Commonly people either dispose of plastics in water bodies or burn them. Both these approaches are extremely harmful to the environment.
  • Disposing of plastics in water bodies causes a lot of damage to the marine ecosystem.
  • Burning plastics releases a huge amount of toxins into the atmosphere, increasing air pollution.
  • Current plastic disposal techniques are harmful to wildlife.
  • Plastics are known to contain toxic chemicals which cause cancer.

Plastics are causing irreparable damage to the environment. They are harming wildlife. Scores of marine animals die due to the plastic waste that is disposed of in the water. Plastic is also causing health issues. Therefore, it is very important that plastic should be eliminated completely.

Impacts of Plastics:- Economical

  • Plastic costs less and is durable. It is difficult to eliminate the use of plastics without formulating a suitable alternative.
  • Most plastic alternatives are difficult and expensive to work with.
  • For example, one of the most widespread uses of plastic is packaging. An alternative to plastic bags is paper bags. However, paper bags have several disadvantages, including:-
    • Paper bags are more expensive and more likely to get damaged.
    • Companies print their brand information on their packaging. It costs less to print on plastic than it would on paper or cloth bags.
  • Replacing plastic packaging with paper packing would increase the overall manufacturing cost. This in turn will raise the cost of the articles, causing inflation.
  • The plastic product industry is worth more than a trillion dollars. Banning plastics will lead to the downfall of this industry which will lead to a chain reaction and cause a downfall in the economy.


Plastics are economical and are widely used. Banning plastic without suggesting an alternative that is as cheap and durable as plastics, will lead to huge disruptions in the market. Therefore, despite being extremely harmful environmentally, the impact of plastics economically is too big to ignore.

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