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pros and cons of open book exams essay

Extempore Topic: Pros and Cons of Open Book Exams

About the topic:-

Open Books Exams allow students to sit for an exam with their subject materials (college notes, guide books, etc). Students can refer to these materials while writing their answers. This method became popular in India during the Covid 19 Lockdown. Many schools and universities conducted their exams in the OBE method.

Pros of Open Book Exams

  • It promotes the practice of understanding the concepts rather than blindly memorizing the answers.
  • OBE reduces the overall stress on students, that they have to learn each and everything from their subject matter for finals.
  • To solve an OBE paper, students need a good understanding of the concepts. This in turn will encourage them to attend classes regularly and pay attention to their teachers and professors.
  • With open book exams, we promote application-based learning.
  • This improves the overall quality of education.

OBE is a new method of teaching in India. It is effective and if implemented right will lead to a substantial improvement in our education system. It will eliminate the fear students have for exams in general and promote a healthy system of learning.

Cons of Open Book Exams:-

  • It encourages students to simply cheat and copy the answers directly from books. Students stop putting an effort to learn.
  • The questions for OBE are tougher than usual. This makes it very difficult for students to find answers to all questions. Often students are unable to finish their exams on time as they spend too much time searching for answers.
  • The importance of exams will completely go away with Open Book Exams.
  • Depending on the financial conditions, some students will have access to higher quality notes than others. Therefore students will not be getting an equal chance of writing the exam.


It is difficult to implement Open Book Exams in India. Here we put more emphasis on marks than learning. With open book exams, it becomes easy to score marks. Many institutions in our country sell answers to university students for college exams. With such means, students would openly resort to unfair techniques to pass the exam.

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