Formulas For HCF

Basic Concepts and Formula for HCF

HCF stands for Highest Common Factor.It is highest positiveble integer that divides two or more integers.That’s why it is also known as Greates Common Divisor (GCD). On this page you will get the definition, methods to find HCF and formulas of HCF that will are helpful in the preparation of HCF questions.

formulas for HCF


  • HCF – The H.C.F of two or more than two numbers is the greatest numbers which divides each of them without any remainder. It also called Greatest Common Divisor (G.C.D.) or Greatest Common Measure (G.C.M.) 

How to Find HCF?

There are multiple ways to find the highest common factor or HCF of the given numbers. Irrespective of the method, the answer to the HCF of the numbers would always be the same. Here are 3 methods to calculate the HCF of two numbers:

  • HCF by listing factors method
  • HCF by prime factorization
  • HCF by division method

Formulas For HCF

  • Product of two numbers = Product of their H.C.F. and L.C.M
  • Co-primes: Two numbers are said to be co-primes if their H.C.F. is 1
  • HCM and LCM of fraction

a. HCF = \frac{HCF of Numerator}{LCM of Denominators}           

b. LCM = \frac{LCM of Numerator}{HCF of Denominators}

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