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Tips And Tricks And Shortcut To Solve Problem On Ages

Tips and Tricks to solve Problem on Ages :

The problems on ages can be easily solved using some simple tips and tricks. Given below are some quick tips to solve these questions

  1. Classify the key phrases and arrange the information by assigning variables
  2. Select only one variable to solve the problem.
  3. If the information in the question comprises ages at different points of time, assume the present age as ‘x’
  4. If the information in the question comprises ages of different people, assume the age of the youngest person as ‘x’
  5. Read the question very carefully. The phrase ‘n time more than’ needs to be understood correctly.

These problems can be categorized into three types.

Type 1: Problem Based on Present Age

Question 1.

In the next 6 years, C will be double the age of D 6 years back. If at present C is 5 years elder to D, then find D’s present age.

A.) 32
B.) 25
C.) 23
D.) 20

Correct answer C

Explanation :

Let D’s present age be x

Given, (x + 5) = C’s age

Given, (x + 5) + 6 = 2(x – 6)

= x + 11 = 2x – 12

x = 23

Type 2: Problem Based on Age Before K Years

Question 2.

Vikram said to his daughter, “I was as old as you are today when you were born.” If Vikram’s age is 45 today, then his daughter’s age 3 years ago was?

A.) 22
B.) 19.5
C.) 23.5
D.) 21.5

Correct answer B

Explanation :

let vikram’s daughter age = z.
Given , 45- z = z .
So, 2z = 45 , z = 22.5.
So, 3 yrs ago, daughter age will be 22.5 – 3 = 19.5.

Type 3: Problem Based on Age After K Years

Question 3.

Lalita is four times the age of Om. If after 3 years, she would be three times of Om, then additional after 3 years, how many time would be her age of Om?

A.) 2.5
B.) 3.5
C.) 2
D.) 3

Correct answer A

Explanation :

Let us assume Om’s age as s and Lalita’s age as 4s

Given, 4s + 3 = 3(s + 3)

= 4s + 3 = 3s + 9

s = 6

So, Om’s age is 6 and Lalita’s age is 24.

Therefore, after 6 years Lalita’s will be 30 and Om will be 12. Lalita will be 2.5 times elder.

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