Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts To Solve Height And Distance

Height and Distance Tips and Tricks & Shortcuts 

(i) Angle of Elevation
(ii) Angle of Depression
Here, are quick and easy tips and tricks for you to solve Height and Distance questions quickly, easily, and efficiently in competitive exams and other recruitment exams.
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Shortcuts and Easy Tips & Tricks to solve questions

  • How to solve word problems that involve angle of elevation or depression.

Step 1: Draw a sketch of the situation given.
Step 2: Mark in the given angle of elevation or depression and other information.
Step 3: Use trigonometry to find the required missing length

Learn the values of these trigonometric ratios.

 30° 45°60°90°
Sin 01/21/√2√3/21
Tan01/√31√3Not defined

 Type 1: Find the distance/height/base/length when angle is given

Question 1.

A boy is flying a kite in the evening. The thread of the kite was 120 m long and the angle of elevation with the boy’s eyes was 30°. Find the height of the kite?
A. 30 m
B. 60 m
C. 40 m
D. 55 m


tips and tricks and shortcuts for height and distance

Sin 30° = Perpendicular/Hypotenuse = AB/AC
1/2 = h/120
h = 60 m

Correct option: B

Type 2: Find the angle when distance/height/base/length is given

Question 2.

Find the angle of elevation of the sun when the shadow of a pole of 18 m height is 6√3 m long?

A. 45°
B. 60°
C. 30°
D. 90°


tips and tricks and shortcuts for height and distance

Let AB be the pole and CB be the shadow
Given that AB = 18 m and CB = 6√3
Let the angle of elevation, ACB = θ
From the right ΔABC,
Tan θ = Perpendicular/Base = AB/BC = 18/6√3 = 3/√3 = √3
θ =tan¹(√3)=60°

Correct option: B

tips and tricks and shortcuts for height and distance

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