Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Surds And Indices

Tips And Tricks & Shortcuts for Surds and Idices

Surds: Numbers which can be expressed in the form √p + √q , where p and q are natural numbers and not perfect squares. 
Indices: Indices refers to the power to which a number is raised. For example; 32

Here, are quick and easy tips and tricks for you to solve Surds and Indices Formulas with Power questions quickly, easily, and efficiently in competitive exams and other recruitment exams  .
Memorize all square and cube value from numbers 1 – 20 to solve the questions fast.

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for surds and indices

Type 1: Surds and Indices Tips and Tricks -Simplify the expression

Ques 1.



A. 1/144
B. 144
C. -1/144
D. 1/12


Cube root of 1728 is 12.
Now, (an)m = an*m
(12) – 3 × (2/3) = 12–2
We know that, a-n = 1/an
Therefore, 12–2 = 1/12² = 1/144

Correct option: A


Type 2: Shortcuts,Tips of Surds and Indices- Find the value of x

Ques 1.

If (p/q)x-1 = (q/p)x-3


A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. -2


(p/q)x-1 = (q/p)x-3

(p/q)x-1 = (p/q)-(x-3)

(p/q)x-1 = (p/q)3-x

x-1 = 3-x

x = 2

Correct option: B

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