Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts on Linear Equation Problems

Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts On Linear Equations

Linear equations is the equations that can be in the form which includes variables, coefficients and  real numbers. The standard form of linear equations in two variables is Ax+By=C , where A, B  and C are constants. Learn Tips And Tricks on Linear Equation on this page.

Tips And Tricks on Linear Equation

Linear Equation Tricks and Tips and Shortcuts

  • Here, we have provided quick and easy tips and tricks for you on Linear Equation questions which and efficiently in competitive exams as well as other recruitment exams that must help to find a better place.
  • It can be easily solved by eliminating the wrong options. It means put the given values in equation and check which one is satisfying the equation.
  • Standard form of linear equations is y= mx+b.
  • There are 2 types of questions asked in exams explain below.  

Type 1: Linear Equations Shortcuts. To Find the value of x or y.

Question 1. If 3a + 6 = 4a − 2, then find the value of a?


A. 3

B. 8

C. 6

D. 7

Solution:    We can use the trick of eliminating the option

Option 1, put a = 3

3 * 3 + 6 = 15

4 * 3 -2 = 10

This means option 1 is incorrect.

Now, check for option 2, put a = 8

3 * 8 + 6 = 30

4 * 8 – 2 = 30

This means option 2 satisfies the equation. Therefore, it is the correct option.

Correct option: B

Type 2: Tips And Tricks for Linear Questions Word problems

Question 2. The cost of 5 blankets and 6 bedsheets is Rs.1500. The cost of 6 blankets and 5 bedsheets is Rs.1300. Find out the total cost of one blanket and one bedsheet.


A. Rs. 255

B. Rs. 250

C. Rs. 81.81

D. Rs. 254.545

Solution:    Let the cost of blankets be x and the cost of bedsheets be y.

According to the question:

5x+ 6y= 1500…(1)

6x+ 5y=1300…(2)

Multiply Eq 1 by 5 and Eq 2 by 6,

we get.

25x+30y = 7500…(3)

36x+30y = 7800…(4)

Subtract equation (3) from equation (4)

11x = 300

x = \frac{300}{11}

5 ×  \frac{300}{11} +6y =1500

6y = 1500 – \frac{1500}{11}

6y = 1500(1- \frac{1}{11})

6y = 1500 ×  \frac{10}{11}

y = \frac{2500}{11}

Total cost = x+y

=> \frac{300}{11}+\frac{2500}{11}

= \frac{2800}{11} = 254.545

Correct option: D

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