Formulas To Find Averages

Formulas to Calculate Mathematics Averages:-

General Definition Averages:

An average is defined as the sum of n different units divided by n numbers of the units.

For example:
What will be the average weight of three boy, respective weight are 46,54,52 ?
Solution– (sum of numbers/ total numbers)
46+54+53 = 153/3
= 51.

Basic Averages Formulas:

Mathematically, it is defined as the ratio of summation of all the numbers to the number of units present in the list.

Average =x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 +………… xn


Average  =Sum of Numbers
Number of Units

Average Speed and Velocity Formula:

  • Average Speed : It can be defined as total distance travelled by a body in definite interval of time.
    Average speed is calculated using the below formula
    Average Speed =Total Distance
    Total Time

    Also , Formula to calculate Average speed when X travels at speed ‘a’ and ‘b’ for the same amount of time is

    Average Speed =a + b
  • Average Velocity :It can be defined as total displacement divided by total time.
    We calculate Average Velocity using the below formula :
    Average Velocity =Displacement
    Total Time

Formula of Averages Related to Numbers:

  • Average  of ‘n’ consecutive Natural Numbers
     n +1
  • Average of the square of consecutive n natural numbers
 (n +1)(2n +1)
  • Average of cubes of consecutive n natural numbers
     n(n +1)2
  • Average of n consecutive even numbers = (n+1)
  • Average of consecutive even numbers till n
     n + 1
  • Average of n consecutive odd numbers = n
  • Average of consecutive odd numbers till n
     n +1
  • Sum of 1st n even consecutive natural numbers is n(n + 1)
  • Sum of 1st n odd consecutive natural numbers is n2

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