Tips And Tricks And Shortcut For Work And Time

Tricks and Shortcuts of Time and Work.

On this page we will discuss about Shortcut Tips and Tricks about Time and work.

Tips And Tricks And Shortcut For Work And Time

Work and Time-Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts

  • Here, are quick and easy tips and tricks for you to solve Work and Time questions quickly, easily, and efficiently in competitive exams.

Tips and tricks of the Work and Time questions to  Understand the relation between Man, work, and Time.

  1. More men can do more work. Similarly, less men will do less work
  2. More work takes more time. Similarly, less work takes less time
  3. More man can do work in less time, Similarly, less men can do work in more time

Type 1: Calculate time taken or work completed by one, two or more workers
Question 1. Soumya can do a piece of work in 50 days. How much part of the work she can do in 20 days?


A. \frac{1}{5}

B. \frac{3}{8}

C. \frac{2}{5}

D. \frac{1}{4}

Solution:    1 day work of Somya = \frac{1}{50}

Therefore, in 20 days she can do 20 × \frac{1}{50} = \frac{20}{50} = (\frac{2}{5})^{th} part of the work.

Correct option: C

Type 2: Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Work and Time to  Calculate time/work when efficiency is given in percentage
Question 1. Positive efficiency of a Neha is 5%. Negative efficiency of Shreya is 2.5%. Find out the net efficiency.


A. 2.5 %

B. -2 %

C. 1.2 %

D. 2.5 %

Solution:     Positive efficiency = 5%

Negative efficiency = 2.5%

Therefore the Net efficiency = (5 – 2.5) = 2.5%

Correct option: A

Type 3: Calculate time/work when workers leave in between
Question 1. Karan can do a piece of work in 50 days. He works for 15 days and then leaves. Tarun comes and finishes the remaining work in 35 days. In how many days Tarun alone can finish the work?



A. 50 days

B. 10 days

C. 60 days

D. 45 days

Solution:     Karan’s 1 day work = \frac{1}{50}.

Work done by Karan in 15 days = 15 × \frac{1}{50} = \frac{3}{10}

Therefore, remaining work = 1 – \frac{3}{10} = \frac{7}{10}

Tarun finishes this remaining \frac{7}{10} work in 35 days.

Therefore, Tarun can finish the work in \frac{35}{\frac{7}{10}} = 50

Correct option: A

 Type 4: Work and Time Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts- Share of salary based on work
Question 1. Hetal’s one day work is \frac{1}{20} and Avnika’s one day work is \frac{1}{30}  but with the help of Yasha they finished the work in 10 days. For that work they got total of Rs. 5000. Find the share of Yasha?



A. Rs. 833.33

B. Rs. 800

C. Rs.235

D. Rs. 338.3

Solution:     Hetal’s total work done = \frac{10}{20} = \frac{1}{2}

Avnika’s total work = \frac{10}{30} = \frac{1}{3}

The work together completed in \frac{1}{2} + \frac{1}{3} = \frac{5}{6}

Remaining work = 1 – \frac{5}{6} = \frac{1}{6}

Therefore, Yasha’s share = 5000 × \frac{1}{6} = \frac{5000}{6} = Rs 833.33

Correct option:  A

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