Capgemini Spoken English Questions and Answers

Capgemini Spoken English Questions and Answers 2024

The Capgemini Spoken English round is the latest round that has been added to Capgemini Recruitment Process. This is a new round that Capgemini has introduced, and the following sections are included :-

  1. Grammar and Reading Comprehension
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking

On this page, you will find complete details about each section asked in Capgemini Communication Spoken English 2024.

capgemini spoken english

Capgemini Spoken English Round :- Overview

Reading Comprehension questions include long passages that you have to read and then answer the questions which follow. RC tests your ability to comprehend information from a set of information in a short span of time and then utilize the information to answer the questions.

Reading Comprehension:-

Grammar questions test your grammatical and vocabulary skills. This section will include questions like fill in the blanks with appropriate words, and writing synonyms and antonyms for given words. 

Grammar Questions:-

Below we have provided a topic-wise breakdown of questions that are asked in this round.

Capgemini Spoken English Round :- Topic-wise Breakdown


No. of Questions:-


what is capgemini communication assessment

Time Duration:-

30 minutes

capgemini communication test questions

Round Number:-

Second Round

how to prepare for capgemini communication assessment round


Medium Difficulty

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Listening Questions:-

This is a challenging section. In this round, you have to listen to the audio clips played and then answer the questions that follow. This round tests your listening ability and how well you can comprehend and retain information presented to you in an auditory format.

Speaking Questions:-

These questions check your pronunciation of words and extempore ability. In this section, you can expect questions like:- speaking for one minute on a topic that is mentioned, reading out loud the sentences/passage given on the screen, listening to audio clips, and repeating the same.

FAQs for Capgemini Spoken English Round

How difficult is the Capgemini Communication Test?

The difficulty level of the Capgemini Spoken English test is between easy to medium. Having good command of the English language will make it easy for you to crack this round.

How to attempt the Capgemini Spoken English Test?

To attend the test, you need to have a system that can support microphone and headphone. Use a wired-earphone for optimal use.

How to prepare for the Capgemini exam?

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