Capgemini Exceller Technical Test Questions 2023

Capgemini Exceller Technical Test MCQ Test Questions with Answers for 2023




40 mins

Type of Exam

Non- Adaptive

Negative Marking


Capgemini Exceller Technical Test Round Syllabus

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Capgemini Exceller Technical Test

Capgemini ExcellerTechnical Test Analytics 2023

Stats about Capgemini Exceller Technical Test Test

Number of Questions 40 Questions
Cutt Off 25 Questions
Difficulty High

Topic-wise Analytics

C No of Questions 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
C++ No of Questions 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
OOPs No of Questions 0-1
Difficulty High
Importance High
Data Structure No of Questions 0-5
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Pseudo Code No of Questions 0-8
Difficulty High
Importance High
Networking No of Questions 0-8
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Cloud No of Questions 0-6
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium

Capgemini Exceller Technical Test Questions Specific FAQ’s


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