Capgemini Exceller Registration Process 2023

Capgemini Exceller Steps for Registration 2023

Capgemini Exceller has announced its second offcampus Drive. On this Page you will get each and every information about Capgemini Exceller Off Campus Registration and you will also encounter the correct steps on how you should fill Capgemini Exceller Off-Campus Drive form. To register in the drive the link has been provided below.

Capgemini dates

Steps to Fill the Registration Form

Step 1

Open this link in button below in New tab or broswer

Note – We suggest to keep this page open to refer each and every step correctly

Imp : 10% of students each year fail to give exam as they filled the form incorrectly, so make sure that you refer this page for step by step registration process.

Step 2

Scroll down to the page and click on apply now. A new page will open a new tab.

And that page will ask you to create an account on superset and ask you to click

Start Registering

Step 2.1

In this Page we will tell you how to fill your personal information.

Important point – While you’re filling form please do it carefully.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email-id
  • Date of Birth (You will have to set manually)
  • Password

Step 2.2

In this step you are required to select your college. you can search your college you can follow the step to search your college given on the same page.

Capgemini Recruitment Process 2

Step 2.3

After Selecting your college you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill your Temporary and permanent address.

Moreover you are also required to fill your placement and career plans.

Cepgemini Recruitment Process step 3

Step 2.4

Enter your course details in this step. Which will include

  • Your Batch
  • Course Start and End date
  • University Roll Number
  • Overall Percentage
  • Your semester wise performance
Capgemini Recruitment Process step 4

Step 2.5

Please enter your 12th and 10th marks in this particular step and please be very careful in entering the details as well.

Capgemini Recruitment Process step 5

Step 2.6

Upload your professional Photograph in this step.

Capgemini Recruitment Process Step 6

Step 2.7

Upload your Resume in this particular step.

Capgemini Recruitment Process step 7

Step 2.8

In this step you will have to just apply for the job role by clicking the Continue to Job Application.

Capgemini Recruitment Process Step 8

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