Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers 2018

CapGemini Recruitment Process 2018

Capgemini recruitment process for freshers 2018 is fairly simple and we have seen that it hasn’t changed for quite some time the last change was seen in May but that was only minor change were CapGemini requested Cocubes to not to use its own question bank but rather now Capgemini provides cocubes with it set of Question bank that should be for online test.

If you want to apply for Capgemini Off Campus Drive please visit this page here.

capgemini recruitment process for freshers 2018

Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers 2018

On this page you will find all the information about Capgemini recruitment process 2018 and we are glad to tell you that about 84% of the students who got job in Capgemini had prepared from present PrepInsta.

Detailed Process for Capgemini Recruitment Test 2018

Capgemini 2018 Recruitment Process for FreshersNumber of QuestionsTimeCut offImportance
Capgemini Aptitude Questions1650 mins Shared with Logical75%ileMedium
Capgemini Logical16Shared with Aptitude 50 mins75%ileMedium
Written English Test(Essay)110 mins70%ileHigh
Pseudo Code Test2030 mins70%ileMedium


Capgemini Logical ReasoningNo, of QuestionsDifficulty LevelImportanceSuggested Avg Time per Question
Questions on Statement & Conclusions3 to 4MediumMedium1 min
Questions on Visual Reasoning21 Medium + 1 HardHigh1 min
Relationships2MediumMedium45 sec
Logical Reasoning2 – 3MediumHigh1 min
Flowcharts21 Easy + 1 MediumHigh1 min
Attention to Details 2Easy Low45 sec


Capgemini QuantsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty LevelImportanceSuggested Average Time Per Question
Capgemini Questions on Profit & Loss2 Ques1 Easy + 1 HardHigh1 min
Capgemini Questions on Ratios2 Ques2 MedHigh1 min
Averages2-3 Ques1/2 Med + 1 HardMedium1 min
Geometry0-1 QuesMediumMedium45 sec
Data Interpretation2 Ques3 MediumHigh1 min
Speed & Distance1-2 QuesMediumLow45 sec
Algebra2 Ques1 Med + 1 HardHigh1 min
Equations1 QuesMediumMedium1 min
Progressions1 QuesMediumMedium1 min

Pseudo Code

Capgemini Pseudo CodeNo. of QuestionsDifficultyImportance in Capgemini
C input/output4 – 5LowHigh
C++ Classes3MediumMedium

Essay Writing

A 300 word essay is enough. What they will award points or deduct points on are the following –

  • Spellings
  • Punctuations
  • Grammar
  • Paragraphisation(Divide in 2/3 Para)
  • Using heavy words that are considered to be proficient in English will not award extra points
  • Thus it is advisable to write in normal English with good grammar and spelling and punctuation.

Find more information about this on our Capgemini Essay Writing Dashboard

What Student has to Say

  • Name: Rohit Krishnan Iyer
  • Branch: CSE
  • College: Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University), Vellore
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus

Student Interview

Capgemini India visited our campus for the on-campus recruitment drive. The eligibility criteria for this drive was minimum 60% in 10th, 12th, and graduation and no existing backlogs. Student appearing for the final semester can also apply. I am a final year student and was fulfilling the criteria. Therefore, was eligible to participate in the drive. The process had three rounds:

  1. Written Test
  2. Group discussion
  3. Personal Interview

Round 1- Written Test

The Process of the test is as follows:

  1. Quants: This section contained some basic mathematical questions which I studied up to class 10th.
  2. Logical reasoning: This section analysed the logical and critical thinking power. I scored well in this section when compared to all the other sections.
  3. Pseudo Code: This section checked the fundamental knowledge about programming languages mainly from C, C++, OOPS concepts, Data Structures & Algorithm.
  4. Essay writing: This section checked the English competency. The topics given for this round were usually technology related or based on general topics.

There were total 53 questions and the time limit was 110 minutes. Overall, the level of the exam was easy for me as I had prepped using PrepInsta. They provide the best study material as far as I know. Capgemini conducted its online written test through Cocubes.

The sectional and overall cut-off for the written test was 70 percentile. Luckily, I cleared the cut-off and was eligible for the next round.

Round 2-Group Discussion

This round is conducted to analyze the student’s interpersonal skills. Our topic was “Impact of Social media on students.” They gave us ten minutes to discuss the topic. The interviewer was looking for the candidates who spoke more relevant points with confidence. At last, he gave us five minutes to conclude. Finally, total six students got selected for the next round, and I was one of the lucky six.

Round 3- Personal Interview

When I entered the room, I was little nervous but the interviewer made me comfortable by offering a glass of water. My personal interview round lasted for about 40 minutes. This was the last round of the process. The first question that interviewer asked me was “ which is your favorite subject.” Then, he continued with some basic questions and then led to some technical questions related to C, C++, .net, Data Structure, JAVA, DBMS, etc. Some of the questions were:

  1. Who invented C programming?
  2. What is the difference between undefined and not defined in JavaScript?
  3. What do you understand by Data Redundancy?
  4. What is an entity?
  5. What does your father do?
  6. What are your future plans?
  7. Do you want to pursue higher education?
  8. Can you work under pressure?
  9. What is your goal in life?

After answering all his questions, he asked, me to wait outside. At the end of the day, the results were announced, and I got job. The only emotion I was going through at that time was of relief. All I wanted to do was to inform my parents.

Capgemini Recruitment Process 2018
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