Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview Questions for Analyst

Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview Questions 2023

We have listed the latest Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview Questions on this page. Go through this page to prepare for your Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview. Page Highlights:-
  • Capgemini Exceller Test Pattern
  • Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview Questions

Capgemini Exceller Test Pattern

Capgemini has introduced its new Capgemini Excceller Campus Hiring Process. Through this, they are hiring for three profiles:-

  1. Analyst
  2. Analyst Star
  3. Senior Analyst

Capgemini will hire you for one of the above roles depending on your performance in the online assessment and interviews.

Capgemini Exceller Test Pattern includes:-

  • Technical Assessment Pseudo Code
  • English Communication Test
  • Game-Based Aptitude
  • Behavioral Competency

You can read more about Capgemini Exceller Hiring Process at :- Capgemini Exceller Drive Hiring Process

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Capgemini Exceller Technical Interview Questions

1. What does SQL stand for? Give some advantages of Query.


SQL stands for Structural Query Language. One of the most crucial features of a query is that it provides a convenient way to save a number of fields. A query does not really save data; it just links to data. A query is not a duplicate of the data when it is saved. Combine data from many sources.

2. Write a program for Octal to Decimal conversion.


3. What is meant by bit masking?


Bit masking is the process of limiting the number of bits that may be set in a byte or bytes. A byte is bitwise “ANDed” with a mask, which is a number made up exclusively of the relevant bits, to investigate some of its bits.

4. What are the methods available for storing sequential files?


  • Straight merging
  • Natural merging
  • Polyphase sort
  • Distribution of Initial runs

5. What is the purpose of finalization?


Finalization serves as an opportunity for an unreachable object to complete any cleaning processes before the object is garbage collected.

6. Write a C Program to check if the number is a Harshad number or not.

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7. What are the three types of data migration tools?


The three types of data migration tools:

  • On-premise data migration tools
  • Cloud-based data migration tools
  • Open-source data migration tools

8. What are a few of the applications that make use of Multilinked Structures?


  • Sparse matrix
  • Index generation

9. Why do we always need to import java.lang package?


No. By default, the JVM loads it internally.

10. Is the main keyword in Java?


No. main is not a keyword in Java.

11. What is a point-point link?


A point-point link is one where the physical connections are restricted to two nodes.

12. Which is the simplest file structure?


Sequential is the simplest file structure.

13. What are the different validators in ASP.NET?


The different validators in ASP.NET are

  • RequiredFieldValidator.
  • RangeValidator.
  • CompareValidator.
  • RegularExpressionValidator.
  • CustomValidator.
  • ValidationSummary.

14. What types of modifiers may be used on methods in an interface?


Methods in interfaces can only have public and abstract modifiers.

15. How are arithmetic expressions evaluated using the prefix and postfix forms notations?


Polish and Reverse Polish notations

16. Write a program to find prime factors of a number.


17. What method are all threads need to implement?


All tasks, whether they are Thread subclasses or implement the Runnable interface, must implement the run() function.

18. What is a node?


A network can be made up of two or more computers that are physically linked together, such as through an optical fiber or coaxial cable. These physical connections are known as Links, and the machines they link are known as Nodes.

19. Describe the places where data structures are widely used.


  • Operating System
  • Database Management System
  • Compiler Design
  • Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistical analysis package
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Simulation

20. Write a program to find the Fibonacci series up to n.

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