Formula For Visual Reasoning

Visual Reasoning Formulas and Concept


Visual reasoning is the course which comes under non-verbal intelligence part. It mainly includes an analysis of visual information and the ability to solve related problems. An individual’s visual reasoning skills are connected with his IQ level.

For answering visual reasoning questions you need not require any language as solutions can be drawn by analyzing the pictures or specific patterns.

Further, the visual reasoning question comes under those examinations which tries to measure the overall intelligence of a person. The examiner may provide a set of shapes or patterns and may frame a question for the next coming patterns.

There could also be a question on two or three-dimensional objects. In this you need to identify the object from a different angle. Answering this type of question requires a lot of concentration and skills to understand and analyze the visual information.

What is more for understanding the Visual reasoning problems effectively, we have divided the topic into 6 parts mainly:


Concept of Visual Reasoning:


Series Problems (Non-Verbal):

The questions under non-verbal series will be asked in a box on various patterns such as signs, codes, patterns, shapes and different images.

  • Classification Problems: Under classification problems few figures will be given to you and you need to identify the one which is different from the group. Identification of various patterns is the most important part of this problem.
  • Mirror Images: Mirror image is an image which we see in a mirror. These are the objects which are similar to another, but with the reversed arrangement. Further mirror images are divided into 5 parts such as:
    • Number Mirror Images
    • Letter Mirror Images
    • Geometric Mirror Images
    • Shape Images
    • Mixed Mirror Images

  • Spotting out the embedded figure: An embedded figure is the image which hides them in some other images. In this a single image will be given which will be followed by 4 other images and similar image needs to be recognized.
  • Completion of Incomplete Pattern: This type of problems is also called as analogy problems. Under this all you need to do is comparison between two images. Few related figures will be given to you and you need to develop a new relationship chemistry based on the given figures.
  • WaterImages:Water image is the reversed object which we get by turning the image an upside down. In this type the important thing which needs to remember is that the left side of the real image will be there at left side only and the right side of the real image will be at right only. There will not be any changes in the position of the main image but the image will change upside down.

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