Formulas For Directional Senses

Here , In this Page Formulas for Directional Sense is given.

Formulas for Directional Sense.


  • We generally know Directions North , South , East  and West
  • We all are also aware about the 4 cardinal directions – North East, South East, South West, and North West.
  • For Directional Sense to solve logical reasoning problems, understanding of all these Eight directions are very important.
direction sign Formulas

Important Facts about Directional Sense

Let us assume the front direction as North, back side as, South, Left side as Westside and right side as Eastside.

  • We also know that, in Eastside, the sun rises and in Westside it sets. If we look to the sun, then our front is in the Eastside and our backside is in the Westside.
  • Correspondingly, our left will be in Northside and our right is in Southside.
  • For solving these problems the foremost thing we need to remember is that every change in the direction of main side changes a 90 degree change.
  • For instance if a person moves from North side to Westside/Eastside there will be change in 90°. However the change among South and South east side or North and North-east will be 45° only.
  • For solving these types of problems, we presumed all these distances among the specified points and along with straight lines.
  • Pythagoras theorem concept is used to solve the problems like this.
Formula for Directional Sense

Concept of Pythagoras Theorem

It is a vital relation in Euclidean geometry between the 3 sides of a right triangle. It states that the sum of the squares of the other two sides is equal to the square of the hypotenuse( the side conflicting the right angle).

By Applying Pythagoras Theorem

hypotenuse^{2} = Altitude^{2} + Base^{2}

In given Figure C is length of hypotenuse , A is base and B is Altitude.

C^{2} = A^{2} + B^{2}

By applying the mentioned formula the directional problems can be solved easily.

These will be helpfull to Solve Many Problems of Directional Senses.


Direction Sense Formulas


One morning Udai and Vishal were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Vishal’s shadow was exactly to the left of Udai, which direction was Udai facing?


 A East

B West

C North

D South

Solution : North

Directional Sense Formulas Question 1

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