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Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Analogy and Classification Recognition

Analogy and Classification Recognition Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts :-

A variety of Analogy questions are being asked in competitive exams, but there is no rule of thumb to rapid them. Basic general knowledge followed by a good vocabulary can easily help in solving such problems.
To make the task easier, we have divided the analogy questions into six basic categories, which are mentioned below:

Tips and Tricks to solve Analogy

Types of Analogy and Classification Recognition problems:

Broadly we come across two forms of analogies which are mentioned below with relevant illustrations:

Tips and Tricks- Number analogy:

Here we shall be asked to find the connection between two given numbers. It is best explained with the help of an example mentioned below:

Question 1.

Find the number pair which is similar to the couple of numbers mentioned below:

160: 80::


A. 200:60
B. 200:100
C. 150:50
D. 180:80

Correct Option: B


Since 160 is double of 80 similarly 200 is the double of 100, hence option B is the correct one.

Alphabet/Word Analogy and Classifications based Problems:

Under this we would be given two series of alphabets which are related to each other in some specific way, Now we have to find out the other set of alphabets which follow the same trend with the one that is mentioned in the question.

It is better explained with the help of the below example:

Question 2.

What will come next to :




Correct Option: A


The given series is following the trend of an alternate letter from the alphabetic string. Since only J k L m N o P is following the same pattern, hence option A is the correct one

The word analogies are further divided into two sections which are mentioned below:

Antonyms based Analogy and Classification Problems :

This analogy consists of words with opposite meanings.

Question 1.

Complete the below-mentioned series:

Thin: Fat:: Tall:


A. Huge
B. Enormous
C. Short
D. Slim

Correct choice: C


Fat is the opposite of thin, similarly short is the opposite of tall.
Therefore option C is the correct one.

Synonyms based Analogy and Classification Problems:

This analogy consists of words with similar meanings.

Question 1.

Complete the below series:

Dilemma: Confusion:: Smart: 


A. Dumb
B. Clever
C. Beautiful
D. Chaos

Correct Option: B


Since dilemma and confusion means the same, likewise clever is a synonym of smart.
Therefore option B is the correct one.