Formula To Solve Number Series

Formula for Number Series

By using some logical rule/ pattern based on elementary arithmetic concepts.

The pattern should be analyzed to solve the series.

Definition & Number Series Formulas:

Number series is a sequence of numbers which is framed, using a particular system/rule, in which the numbers are not in a specific order. All we have to do is to find out the system/rule that a particular series is following and finding the number using that system/rule.

For example : 3, 6, 12, 24 , ?






Here the correct answer is 48,

and the system of the series is that every number  is  twice of its precedent number .

Hence , 24*2 = 48                    

Formulas For Number Series & Types of number series:-

There are five different types of number series that are mentioned below:

  1. Perfect square series:- Consists of a set of numbers that are perfect squares.                          
  2. Perfect cube series:- Consists of a sequential order of numbers that are perfect cubes of the given term
  3. Ration series:- This series might consist of a sequence of numbers, fractions or integers, wherein each term will be different from the other, with a set mathematical concept (/,*,-,+)  or formula which would be applicable to calculate the missing number.
  4. Geometric series:- This series consists of numbers that are obtained by either (/, *, +, -) the previous number with a fixed common number, It is generally found either in an ascending or descending order.
  5. Mixed series:- Consists of a set of numbers whose calculation might require either one or more than one mathematical concept.

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