Formulas For Cryptarithmetic

Cryptarithmetic Formulas :-

Basically, Crypt-arithmetic is a mathematical genre, where all the digits are replaced by any other symbol or the letters of an alphabet, and if the same letter reappears in a word, then it must be allotted the similar digit or a number, each time when it is being used. Go through the page to learn the important Formulas for Cryptarithmetic.

Each letter will be assigned with an individual digit, and no two letters will have the same number.

Now the main questions arise when we have to find the unique digit assigned to each corresponding letter.

Cryptarithmetic is considered to be, both a science as well as an art. Hence apart from logic, one must use his/her presence of mind and a little bit of common sense to solve the problems.

Types of Cryptarithmetic

Usually, all the Cryptarithmetic questions follow the same pattern, which, makes it clear that there are no different types of questions asked on Cryptarithmetic.

However, certain tips and tricks have to be followed to solve the questions quickly and easily. All of which are mentioned in the continuing tips and tricks page.

Types of cryptarithm include the alphametic, the digimetic, and the skeletal division.

Type 1. Alphametic

A type of cryptarithm in which a set of words is written down in the form of a long addition sum or some other mathematical problem. The object is to replace the letters of the alphabet with decimal digits to make a valid arithmetic sum.

Type 2. Digimetic

A cryptarithm in which digits are used to represent other digits.

Type 3. Skeletal division

A long division in which most or all of the digits are replaced by symbols (usually asterisks) to form a cryptarithm.

Type 4. Reverse cryptarithm

A rare variation where a formula is written and the solution is the corresponding cryptarithm whose solution is the formula given.

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