Formula For Analogy and Classification Recognition

Analogy and Classification Recognition Formulas & Definition:-

The word analogy means “correspondence” which implies a similarity between any two numbers, or objects, or words.

Logical analogy is one of the commonly asked questions in competitive exams.

In such type of questions, we would be given any two objects that are somehow related to each other. Then we will be given a third object and shall be asked to find the fourth object which is somewhat similar to the 3’rd object from the given options.

Analogy and classification

Question 1.

Find the word which is closely related to the phrase mentioned below?

Cheese: Milk:: Blanket: —-


A.  Gold
B.  Leather
C.  Wool
D.  Plastic

Correct Option: C


Since Cheese is a by-product of Milk, in the same way blanket is the by-product of wool.

Generally, we come across two types of analogy questions in exams:

  • Number analogy
  • Alphabet/Word Analogy

Now we have sub-divided the alphabet or word analogy into five different categories to make the work simpler. Each of which is mentioned below:

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Descriptive words
  • Things and their functions
  • Product and its class

A detailed explanation of each type with one relevant example is mentioned in the tips and tricks page which is in the attached file.

Questions 2

Apple, Grape, Orange

A. Vegetables
B. Fruits
C. Stems
D. Oats


Apple, Grape and Orange all these are fruits.

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