Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Blood Relation

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts to Solve Blood Relation Questions Quickly

Generally, three types of questions are being asked on blood relations namely:

  • Puzzle based problems
  • Problems based on conversations or certain
  • Code based problems.

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Blood Relations-  Puzzle based Problems

In this mixed-blood relations will be mentioned. All we have to do is to find out the final association that is asked in the question by the connection between these relations.

Question. 1

Amit and Balu are brothers and Cynthia and Dhara are sisters. Amit’s son is Dhara’s brother. How is Balu related to Cynthia?


Amit and Balu (+ male), Cynthia and Dhara (- female)

Puzzle based Problems

Therefore, Balu is the uncle of Cynthia.

Quick Tip:

In mixed-blood relation, we can use certain symbols to avoid confusion. The most convenient method to solve such questions is to draw a diagram based on the information given in the question. Let us understand it with an example.

Follow these symbols to avoid confusion.

Blood Relations Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts- Conversation or statement based Problems

This is the most natural type of blood relation question, wherein one person explains the other person about the relationship between both of them by pointing to a third person or a picture.

Question. 2

Pointing to a woman on the street, Rahul said, “The son of her only brother’s wife’s husband is the brother of my wife.” How is the woman related to Rahul?


The questions say that “son of her (lady’s) brother’s wife’s husband,” i.e., lady’s nephew is his wife’s brother, so the son of her brother’s wife’s husband and brother of a wife are same. Therefore, Rahul is the son – in – law of the lady’s brother. Based on that information we conclude that the lady is the sister of Rahul’s wife’s father or Rahul’s father- in – law.

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts- Code-based problems:

In Such type of questions, different relations are presented in the form of symbols like  D, #, $, %, etc. (These are most commonly used symbols.)

Question. 1

A D B means A is the mother of B
A $ B means A is the sister of B
A * B means A is the father of B
A # B means A is the brother of B

Which of the following means Is R the uncle of T?

B. S*P#R*U#T
C. P*R$Q$S*T
D. P*R$Q$S*T


R → P→  S→  Q→   T (R is grandfather of T)

B. S*P#the the R*U#T
S → P →R → U→  T (R is the father of T)

C. P*R$Q$S*T
P→ R → Q→  S → T (R is the uncle of T)

D. P*R$Q$S#T
P→  R→ Q  →S → T (R is brother of T)

Hence, option C is the correct one.

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