Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Attention To Details Logical Reasoning

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Attention To Detail Questions:-

Attention to Details problems are aimed to assess a candidate’s ability to quickly and efficiently recognize and find out the errors or similarity in the given data or information. To solve attention to detail questions are bit tricky. For clear understanding about the complete topic we have divided this into the three parts mainly: Contrastive, Analytical, and Additive.

Attention To Details Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Logical Reasoning-

Type 1: Contrastive Attentions To Details

Under contrastive attention, the questions will be asked to find out or compare known or given information. The main thing about contrastive type is they are objective in nature. Meaning the answer could be right or wrong or true or false types. Either you have to choose a right or a wrong answer from the given choices. Working with contrasting style is very helpful as this leads to zero error work.

Question 1.

Read the below given information and answer whether column A is similar or dissimilar to column B?

Column A
Ph 33#847-718-9676

Column B
Ph 33#847-718-9676

A. Similar
B. Dissimilar
C. Not sufficient information
D. Cannot be determined

Answer: A

If we observe the question clearly, Column A and B are exactly same. Hence option A is correct.

Logical Reasoning Tips and Trick and Shortcuts for Attentions To Details-

Type 2: Analytical Attention To Details

Analytical attention to detail is related with the finding out a solution of the problem. There may be multiple solution of the problem and the correct answer may be particular in nature. Thorough knowledge of subject is required to reach to the correct answer in this type. In these types of questions you may be asked to solve analytical problems by giving some sample along with some directions which will make the whole question different. First you need to resolve the problem in a new series followed by solution of the problem.

Question 2.

•If * stands for /
•/ stands for –
•+ stands for * and – stands for +

then 48/8*4+50-8

A. -10.66
B. -44
C. -1890.00%
D. -10633.33%

Answer: B

56-100= -44

Attention To Details Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Logical Reasoning-

Type 3: Additive Attention To Detail

Under this category there may be endless solutions of a problem as it is all about improvement or advancement. These types of problems seem very difficult as it requires continues development. These problems may be related personality behavior of an individual or performance of man, machine or related. Undoubtedly, it’s hard to generalize or to give a specific answer because it’s always about developing something new.

Question 3.

I enjoy doing work that is unpredictable.

A. Strongly Disagree
B. Disagree
C. Neutral
D. Agree
E. Strongly Agree

Answer: B

The above mentioned problem is related to the like or dislike of an individual. It may vary as per individual beliefs. Hence it is difficult to generalize.

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