Formula for Statement and Assumptions

Formula for Statement and Assumptions and its definition

Definition: Statement and Assumption problems are aimed to identify an individual’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on statements or arguments. It also analyzes the strong points and weaknesses of these statements. Before entering into the problems it is always significant to understand that these problems might challenge students expectations in the real world.

Formula for Statement and Assumptions

Formula for Statement and Assumptions Example:

Eating lot of pizza makes Raju healthy.
Raju has healthy life.
Raju eats pizza a lot.

This argument goes against the knowledge that eating lot of pizza leads to unhealthy habits, but within the limits of logical reasoning, this is a valid argument. In logical reasoning problems question may be asked related to Statements, Premises, Assumptions and Conclusion.

1. Statement:

A true or false opinion states a statement. In other words statement is a meaningful opinion that is either true or false.

2. Assumption:

An assumption is an unsaid creation which gives backbone to the conclusion. Both creation and assumption are indisputable facts but creation is not clearly mentioned and hence assumption needs to be read carefully. Rather assumption is usually taken for granted in the setting of a statement.

In other words any unseen part of the statement is known as an assumption. This is basically the hidden part of the statement which is assumed and taken for granted or Things which are not clearly stated in the statement, but is a part of it. Under these problems if something is said by author, that doesn’t mean it is written clearly. Lot of unsaid things are there which are not mentioned in the statement. The things which are not mentioned are taken for granted, and can be defined as an assumption.

For Example
‘All M.B.A students are happy when they get latest gadgets. Rishi will be excited when he will receive the latest tablet.’ In this, the assumption is that Rishi is a M.B.A student. Without assuming this, no sense will be there in the argument.

3. Statement- Assumption Formulas

Under the logical reasoning problem, Questions with statements and assumptions are commonly asked. Maximum questions on Statement and Assumptions contain a statement followed by number of assumptions. These assumptions needs to check as they are hidden in the nature and not directly stated.

For Example:

Statement– A large wholesale store was attacked by mobile hawkers in Mumbai.

i. The store has affected the income of local mobile vendors.
ii. The store is constructed in populous parts.

Consider the statement and decide which of the given assumption is implicit?

The correct answer will be the first assumption, because the store is surely affecting the living of local mobile vendors, which is the reason of attack. Assumption second is irrelevant because no discussion is made about the location of the store.

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