Formulas For Selection Decision Tables

Selection Decision Tables

Here , In this Page Formulas For Selection Decision Tables is given.

Formulas for Selection Decision Table

Let’s understand the concept with the help of an example.
Ramesh go to the ATM machine for getting cash. Now the bank rules for using ATM are:
1. There should be sufficient fund in Ramesh’s bank account or
2. Ramesh has the bank credit option.

Now this problem seems critical in describing verbally or in writing but by putting this into the table anyone would easily understand the requirement. In this table we have mentioned the conditions in true and false type.

Formula for Selection Decision Table Question 1

Looking at the above table we can easily recognize and conclude that “withdrawal is allowed if sufficient balance is there in the bank account of Ramesh or Ramesh has bank credit limit option available.
Further we can divide the Selection and decision tables into 2 parts mainly:

Type 1: Judgement & Decision Based on Qualification or Skills

This category includes the question related to the vacancy in an organisation. In this, HR gives some specific norms such as eligibility criteria and qualifications of the candidate and you need to answer whether the candidate is fit into the various categories or not.

Type 2: Judgement & Decision Based on Combinations or Traits or Behavior

This type includes questions related to the requirement or need of any person or personality or traits of an individual. In the questions details will be provided to you related to the requirement of any individual or details related to the admission of the candidates in any institution or details related to the students and their subjects combination or to gain benefits from a NGO or trust. All you need to do is to make decision from the choices given.

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