Selection Decision Tables Formulas

Formula for Selection Decision Tables

Here , In this Page Formulas For Selection Decision Tables is given.
Formulas for Selection Decision Table

Concept  and Formula of Selection Decision Table

These selection tables are perfect for complex business decisions. By understanding and applying this method we can easily evaluate that all possible combination are added and no information is left alone.

Let’s understand the concept with the help of an example.
Ramesh go to the ATM machine for getting cash. Now the bank rules for using ATM are:
1. There should be sufficient fund in Ramesh’s bank account or
2. Ramesh has the bank credit option.

Now this problem seems critical in describing verbally or in writing but by putting this into the table anyone would easily understand the requirement. In this table we have mentioned the conditions in true and false type.

Formula for Selection Decision Table Question 1

Looking at the above table we can easily recognize and conclude that “withdrawal is allowed if sufficient balance is there in the bank account of Ramesh or Ramesh has bank credit limit option available.
Further we can divide the Selection and decision tables into 2 parts mainly:

Type 1: Judgement & Decision Based on Qualification or Skills

This category includes the question related to the vacancy in an organisation. In this, HR gives some specific norms such as eligibility criteria and qualifications of the candidate and you need to answer whether the candidate is fit into the various categories or not.

Type 2: Judgement & Decision Based on Combinations or Traits or Behavior

This type includes questions related to the requirement or need of any person or personality or traits of an individual. In the questions details will be provided to you related to the requirement of any individual or details related to the admission of the candidates in any institution or details related to the students and their subjects combination or to gain benefits from a NGO or trust. All you need to do is to make decision from the choices given.

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Selection Decision Table Question and Answers

Read the following information carefully to answer these questions.

Amit shah, director of Apollo fortis, specified some conditions for selecting candidates for interview for recruitment of Medical Representative for company:

The candidate must :
A. Be a graduate in science with Chemistry and Botany and/or Zoology.
B. Have 60% and above at SSC and 50% and above at graduation
C. Not be more than 25 years of age as on 1st Jan, 1997
D. Have at least represented school/college in any inter school/college competitions
E. Have passed the selection test with 55% and above marks
F. Enclose recommendation of two persons who are not his/her relatives.

However, in the case of a candidate who fulfills all other criteria except:

I. A above, but has passed MSc in Chemistry with 60% or above marks, should be considered for waiting list for interview
II. B above, should be referred to Manager Administration
III. F above, should be called to meet Manager HRD.
Based on these criteria and information provided below, decide the course of action in each case. You are not to assume anything. If the data provided is not adequate to decide the course of action, your answer will be data inadequate. These cases are given to you as on 1st Dec, 1996.

Q1 : Sachin Tendulkar has represented his school and college in Cricket and Chess. He has passed his BSc with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at the age of 20 years in 1994. He came 2nd in the merit list in the selection test with 78% marks and has enclosed two recommendations. He has scored 62% and 65% in SSC and BSc, respectively.

  1. Not to be called the interview
  2. Data inadequate
  3. To be called for interview
  4. Refer to Manager – Administration
  5. To be waitlisted

Answer : Not to be called the interview

Explanation : Sachin Tendulkar  does not qualify for interview as he did not pass B.Sc with Chemistry, Botany or Zoology.

Q2: Ms. Kareena kapoor, a Kathak dancer, who has won inter-University prizes, is a brilliant student holding 1st rank in MSc (Chemistry) in 1996 as well as selection test. She has had more than 75% marks in the examination right from SSC to BSc (Chemistry-Botany). All her teachers speak hightly about her.

  1. Not to be called for interview
  2. Data inadequate
  3. Refer to Manager – HRD
  4. To be waitlisted
  5. To be called for interview

Answer: Data inadequate

Explanation : Age of the candidate is not given.

Q3: Rashmi desai, who has been recommended by two actresses working in TV serials, is 23 years with Master’s degree in Chemistry. She has won prizes in acting in inter-university drama competitions. She has obtained more than 70% marks in SSC, BSc (Chemistry, Botany) and the selection test.

  1. To be waitlisted
  2. Not to be called for interview
  3. Refer to Manager – Administration
  4. Refer to Manager – HRD
  5. To be called for interview

Answer: To be called for interview

Explanation : The candidate,  fulfils all the conditions as laid down in the question, and hence should be called for interview.

Q4: Rahul dravid won inter-college tournament for table-tennis in 1995 while doing his final year of BSc with Chemistry and Zoology. He has passed with more than 60% marks in all the examination right from SSC to selection test held by the company. He has enclosed two good references, one from college principal and another from an industrialist. His father works in a bank.

  1. Data inadequate
  2. To be called for interview
  3. Not to be called for interview
  4. Refer to Manager – HRD
  5. To be waitlisted

Answer : Data inadequate

Explanation :  Data is inadequate, as Condition C is not given.

Q5. Kiara Advani born on 19th Nov, 1974 is a post graduate in Chemistry. At graduation she had Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. She had represented her school and college in sports and drama. Her father is a successful doctor. She has passed the selection test with 62% marks and has enclosed recommendation of President and Vice-President of the Chemist’s Association.

  1. To be called for interview
  2. Data inadequate
  3. Not to be called for interview
  4. To be waitlisted
  5. Meet Manager – HRD

Answer: Data inadequate

Explanation :  Data is inadequate, as qualification with regard to Condition B, percentages at SSC and graduation level are not given.

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