Formula For Logical Sequence Of Words

Formula for Logical Sequence Of Words and definition

The Logical sequence of words consists of a number of words out of that we need to find out the arrangement which is logically best among all. Through this page you will learn all the important Formula for Logical Sequence Of Words. Under this, a sequence of words or number of words will be given.

You need to organize these words in a meaningful way or logically correct.

The questions will come majorly in 4 options however to make the questions complex sometimes there may be 8-9 options also. Though these type of problems comes rarely. Because out of nine options it is difficult to find out the logical sequence of the question.

So, generally maximum five to six options are provided in the logical sequence of words.

Further, the question could be from diverse fields such as daily life, office routine, cooking instructions, time table, marketing process, administration, animals and birds and so on.

Formula for Logical Sequence Of Words

Logical Sequence Of Words Formula:

1. Sequence of occurrence of events/phases of a process:

Under this type, the given number of words indicates the phases of development of a process or a sequence of occurrence that directed to a major outcome. You need to find the order that is from ‘starting to completion of the process’. 
For example – the events that led to rain, the phases of product development, etc.

2. Arrangements of Rising or declining value:

In this type of arrangements, there will be different criteria’s will be given such as period, time, size, value, area, intensity, price, etc. You need to organize the number of words in an increasing or decreasing command. Problems under this type are easy to solve in a single shot.

3. Arrangement as per English dictionary:

In this type of arrangement, you are asked to organize the words as same as order specified in the English dictionary. Solutions can be drawn by making alphabetical arrangement.

4. ‘Part’ to ‘whole’ arrangement of things

Under this, a number of words will be given related to a specific group or category of items. You are asked to organize them in an order which represents the part to the whole arrangement. 
For instance, an arrangement may start with ‘egg’ being the part and progress to completion with the birth of ‘chicken’.

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