Logical Sequence Of Words Formulas

Logical Sequence Of Words Formulas and definition

The page consists of Logical sequence of words formulas to find out the arrangement which is logically best among all. Through this page you will learn all the important Formula for Logical Sequence Of Words. Under this, a sequence of words or number of words will be given.

You need to organize these words in a meaningful way or logically correct.

Formula for Logical Sequence Of Words

Logical Sequence Of Words Formula:

1. Sequence of occurrence of events/phases of a process:

Under this type, the given number of words indicates the phases of development of a process or a sequence of occurrence that directed to a major outcome. You need to find the order that is from ‘starting to completion of the process’. 
For example – the events that led to rain, the phases of product development, etc.

2. Arrangements of Rising or declining value:

In this type of arrangements, there will be different criteria’s will be given such as period, time, size, value, area, intensity, price, etc. You need to organize the number of words in an increasing or decreasing command. Problems under this type are easy to solve in a single shot.

3. Arrangement as per English dictionary:

In this type of arrangement, you are asked to organize the words as same as order specified in the English dictionary. Solutions can be drawn by making alphabetical arrangement.

4. ‘Part’ to ‘whole’ arrangement of things

Under this, a number of words will be given related to a specific group or category of items. You are asked to organize them in an order which represents the part to the whole arrangement. 
For instance, an arrangement may start with ‘egg’ being the part and progress to completion with the birth of ‘chicken’.

Types of Logical Sequence of Words : 

  • Sequence of Occurrence of Events
  • Sequence of Objects in a Class or Group
  • Sequence in Ascending or Descending Order
  • Sequential Order of Words According to Dictionary

Concept of Logical Sequence of Words :

  1. Pattern Recognition: The central idea is to recognize a pattern or relationship that connects the words in the sequence. This pattern could be based on meanings, linguistic properties, grammatical rules, or other logical criteria.

  2. Pattern Types: There are various types of patterns that can be used to create logical sequences of words, including alphabetical order, numerical order, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, cause-and-effect relationships, part-whole relationships, and more.

  3. Predictive Skill: Once you identify the pattern, you can predict the next word or words in the sequence. This involves applying the same pattern to extend the sequence logically.

  4. Analytical Thinking: Solving logical sequence of words puzzles requires analytical thinking. You need to critically examine each word and its relationship with the preceding and succeeding words.

  5. Multiple Possibilities: Depending on the complexity of the puzzle, there might be multiple valid patterns that can be deduced. This adds to the challenge and requires careful consideration.

  6. Contextual Considerations: Sometimes, the context of the puzzle can provide hints about the type of pattern to look for. This can include the theme of the puzzle, the subject matter, or the instructions given.

  7. Problem-Solving Approach: To solve such puzzles, you’ll need to try different strategies and test hypotheses until you find a pattern that consistently fits the given words.

  8. Practical Applications: The ability to identify logical sequences of words has practical applications beyond puzzles. It’s important for understanding language patterns, deciphering codes, analyzing texts, and even in areas like data analysis.

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Questions and Answers for Sequence of Words :

Question 1 : 

Find the next two terms of the given series.
Y, W, U, S, Q, O, M, ?, ?

    1. M, C
    2. N,C
    3. K, I
    4. Can’t be determined

Answer: K,I
Explanation :

The letter series are in Reverse odd number alphabetical order.
Like —- 25 – Y , 23- W, 21-U, 19-S and so on.

Question 2 :

Arrange the following words in logical or chronological order.
1. Poverty
2. Population
3. Unemployment
4. Crime

    1. 2, 3, 1, 4
    2. 3, 4, 2, 1
    3. 2, 1, 4, 3
    4. 1, 2, 3, 4

Answer : 2, 3, 1, 4
Explanation :

Due to high population, unemployment is increased which results in poverty and then these people commit crime.

Population > Unemployment > Poverty > Crime

Question 3 :

Arrange the following words in logical or chronological order.
1. Iridium
4. Rhodium

    1. 4321
    2. 1234
    3. 3214
    4. 4132

Answer : 4321
Explanation :
The metals are arranged in decreasing order of their values i.e expensive to cheapest:

Rhodium >Gold >Ruthenium > Iridium

Question 4 :

Arrange the given words in the correct order as they would appear in the dictionary :
Ring , Right , Write , Rigid , Risk

    1. Right, Risk, Ring, Rigid , Write
    2. Rigid, Right, Risk, Ring, Write
    3. Risk, Ring, Right, Rigid, Write
    4. Right, Rigid, Ring, Risk, Write

Answer : Right, Rigid, Ring, Risk, Write
The correct sequence is 

“ Right -> Rigid -> Ring -> Risk -> Write ”

Question 5 :

Arrange the words in the most appropriate sequence:
Stone and Rocks Age
Metal Age
Atomic Age
Alloy age

    1. 3-2-4-1
    2. 1-2-3-4
    3. 1-4-2-3
    4. 4-2-3-1

Answer : 1-2-3-4
Explanation :
The correct order of the ages according to the sequence in which they have occurred is Stone and

Rocks Age -> Metal Age -> Atomic Age -> Alloy Age

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