Blood Relation Important Formulas

Blood Relation concept:-

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Blood relation shows the different relations among the members of a family. Based on the information given, you are required to find the relation between particular members of the family. 

Formulas For Blood Relation

Blood Relation Important rules

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Rules –

  • Use + or Male and (-) for female
  • Imagine your family in the situation if you get stuck
  • Keep same generations at same level
  • Circles mean they are couple, i.e. husband and wife.
  • Array means you’re going down to next generation. i.e. A -> B means a is father or mother of B.
    • (+)A-> B means a is father of B.
    • (-)A-> B means a is mother of B.
  • If you miss a generation due to no information provided then name them ? for time being
    • A is grandfather of C, will be (+)A -> ? -> C
  • You also make circles and two ? if you think that later on couple relationship may be established
    • A is grandfather of C, will be (+)A -> (**inside Circle?/?inside Circle**) -> C (see example 1 for demo)
  • Always give Initials for names i.e. R for Raman, Aj for Ajay and Ak for Akash.
  • If there is no tight relationship(Mostly in case of in Law type questions which are complicated) use dotted arrays and to multiple relationships possible.

Family Tree


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Some Questions Based On Above Formulas:

Question 1: John is Mary’s son. Mary’s husband is Paul. What is Paul’s relation to John?
Paul is John’s father.
Explanation: Since John is Mary’s son and Mary’s husband is Paul, it means Paul is John’s father.

Question 2: Sara’s father’s only daughter is Tina. Who is Tina to Sara?
Answer :
Tina is Sara herself.
Explanation: The question states that Tina is the only daughter of Sara’s father. Since Sara’s father has only one daughter, that daughter must be Sara herself.

Question 3:Alex and Emma are siblings. Their mother is Lisa. What is Lisa’s relation to Emma?
Lisa is Emma’s mother.
Explanation: Since Alex and Emma are siblings, they share the same mother, who is Lisa. Therefore, Lisa is Emma’s mother.

Question 4:Tom and Jerry are cousins. Tom’s father is Mike. What is Mike’s relation to Jerry?
Mike is Jerry’s uncle.
Explanation: Tom and Jerry are cousins, which means they share a common grandparent. Since Tom’s father is Mike, Mike is the father of Jerry’s cousin (Tom), making him Jerry’s uncle.

Question 5: Rachel is Lily’s aunt. Rachel’s brother is Mark. What is Mark’s relation to Lily?
Mark is Lily’s father.
Explanation: Since Rachel is Lily’s aunt, she must be the sister of one of Lily’s parents. Rachel’s brother is Mark, so Mark is Lily’s father.

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