Formulas For Blood Relation

Formula for Blood Relation:-

Blood relation shows the different relations among the members of a family. Based on the information given, you are required to find the relation between particular members of the family. 

Blood Relation Formulas and Concept:

In selection decision questions first we analyze and evaluate the information given to us and on the basis of our evaluation we make certain conclusions. In other words, it can also be explained as “It is a technique to reach to a certain conclusion according to the information given. The Selection Decision questions can be solved in two steps:

    • In first step the analyzation of information is done.
    • In second step conclusions are inferred from the information.

Types of questions on blood relation

    • Based on Dialogue or conversation
    • Based on puzzles
    • Keep in mind that from a person’s name, we cannot judge the gender of that person. The name doesn’t always show the gender beyond a reasonable doubt.
formulas for blood relations

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