How To Solve Quickly Analogy And Classification And Recognition

How to Solve Analogy and Classification and Recognition:-

Verbal analogy questions are asked in the competitive examinations in order to test the knowledge of the

Check out the below questions to get insights about the type of questions related to analogy as well as the way to solve them.

Solve Analogy and Classification and Recognition– Number Analogy

Question 1.

Identify the number pair similar to the illustrated pair of number below:


A.  120:30
B.  50:150
C.  45:50
D.  100:25

Correct Answer: A


In the illustration, 140 is a double of 70, therefore, A is the only option matching with the pattern.

Question 2.

What will follow the mentioned series of numbers: 3,6,11, __, __.

A.  16
B.  18
C.  13
D.  22

Correct Option: B


[1]2 + 2 = 3, [2]2 + 2 = 6, [3]2 + 2 = 11, hence, [4]2 + 2 = 18. Therefore, the correct answer is 18.

Question 3.

If x = 3 and y = 27, then x : y :: y : __

A.  196
B.  1968
C.  19
D.  19683

Correct Answer: D


We have two numbers here, 3 and 27 assumed as x and y respectively. As per the calculations, 3x3x3 = 27. In other terms, 33=27, and 273 is the number identified. Hence, 273 = 19683.

How To Solve Analogy and Classification Question– Alphabet/word analogy

Question 1.

What will come next to:


A.  GHIj

Correct Answer: C


As per the relationship between MNOP and UVWX, the gap between C and M is 10, similarly, the gap between second group should also be 10. Hence, the correct answer is EFGH.

Question 2. 

Antonyms – These questions are related to opposite words. Complete the series:

Hot : Cold : : Day : : _

A.  Sun
B.  Night
C.  Light
D.  Clouds

Correct Answer: B


As hot is the opposite of cold, night is the opposite of day. Hence, “night” is the right answer.

Question 3.

Synonyms – These questions are related to similar words. Complete the series:

Polite : Courteous : : Fashion : _

A.  Expensive
B.  Personality
C.  Style
D.  Ugly

Correct Answer: C


Similar to polite is courteous, therefore, fashion is similar to style.

individual in terms of identifying similarity between two relations. In these analogy tests, words are used to find precise logical relationships that exist. At times object, images or even figures are used.

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How to Solve Analogy and Classification and recognition question quickly

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