Tips Tricks And Shortcuts For Dice Questions

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts For Dices:-

As mentioned in the introduction page, there are two types of dices that are:
1.) Base Dices
2.) Open Dices

But since most of the exams focus on Base dice reasoning questions, hence we too shall be concentrating on them only, and accordingly shall be discussing them in detail along with the relevant rules and conditions that go with them.

(However, we have diagrammatically presented the ordinary dice giving a brief knowledge to the students.)


Tips and Tricks to solve Dice Questions

Base Dice Tips and Tricks:-

It is one of the frequently used dice, which appears like a cube. Its picture is already mentioned above. Base Dice is further categorized into two types:

  1. Standard Dice
  2. Ordinary Dice

Standard Dice:

If the base numbers of two dices that are thrown randomly do not come the same, then it will be considered a Standard Dice. It is presented in a pictorial form for a better understanding of the students.

In the diagram, both the base numbers are not matching, which makes it a standard dice.

Tips, Tricks to solve Standard Dice Questions

Ordinary Dice:

Unlike Standard dice, in ordinary dice the base numbers are the same, which looks like:

Here we can see the base number of both the dices is same that is 3.

Shortcuts to solve Ordinary Dice Questions

General Rules to be following while solving Dice questions:

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts 1:

If the same digit comes at the top (in the below case it’s 4) and both the dices have the same surface, then the remaining surfaces of both the dices, are opposite to each other. That is 2 is opposite to 5, and 3 is opposite to 1.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Type - 1

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Dices 2:

If two dices have some common numbers, then the remaining numbers of both the dices are opposite to each other even if their surface and top numbers are not equal. It is better explained with the help of a diagram mentioned :

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Type - 2

Dices Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts 3:

In case if only one number is common in both the dices having a different surface number, then we’ve to rotate it in a clockwise direction to depict the opposite surface. It is better explained with the help of the diagram mentioned below that is:

As per the above diagram, the base number is different, but we have only 1 common number which is 2. Next, if we have to find out the number opposite to 5 and 6 then we have to rotate in a clockwise direction.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Type - 3

Resultant is:

After rotating the 1’st dice clockwise, first 6 appears then 5. Which makes it clear that 6 is opposite to 4

If we rotate the 2’nd dice clockwise then, 1 is appearing. Hence we can say that 5 is opposite to 1.

The 2’nd form of dice is the open dice whose diagram is presented below:
Relevant examples

Both the above types of Base dices (Standard Dice and ordinary dice) are better explained with the help of supporting examples mentioned below:

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Standard Dice:

Question 1:

If two dices are thrown together then the below-mentioned position appears. By looking at the below diagram find out, which number will be opposite to number 4?


A. 3
B. 2
C. 5
D. 6

Answer: A

Type - 1, Question 1 Shotcuts to solve Dice Questions

Explanation: By looking at the diagram, it is evident that there is 1 common number that is 3 facing the same side, which makes it clear that 2 is opposite to 6 and 1 is opposite to 5. Therefore we can say that 3 will be opposite to 4.Therefore option A is the correct one.

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