Formula For Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangement formulas


The process of making a group of people to sit as per a prefixed manner is called Seating Arrangement. In these questions, you have to arrange a group of persons fulfilling certain conditions. There are 4 types of seating arrangement questions:

Types of seating arrangements

1.Linear seating arrangement

In linear arrangement questions the arrangement of person is in linear, which means the student have to arrange them in a line. In these questions generally a single row of arrangement is formed.

2.Double row seating arrangement

Double row arrangement questions includes two group of persons. The students need to arrange one group in first row and another group in second row. The persons sitting in these rows generally faces each other. Usually, one row faces the North direction and other row faces the South direction.

3.Circular seating arrangement

In Circular arrangement questions the arrangement of people is done around a circular table. There are primarily three types of questions under circular seating arrangement.

•Circular arrangement with people facing center of the table.
•Circular arrangement with people facing outward of the table.
•Circular arrangement with people facing center of the table whereas some facing outward the table.

4.Square/Rectangular seating arrangement

In square/rectangular arrangement questions the arrangement of people is done around a square/rectangular table. These types of questions are similar to circular seating arrangement questions and it also includes inward, outward or both side facing questions.

fomulas for seating arrangement


Points to remember

Facing Center
1.Towards Left – Clockwise Rotation.
2.Towards Right – Anticlockwise Rotation.

Facing Outwards
1.Towards Left – Anticlockwise Rotation.
2.Towards Right – Clockwise Rotation.

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formulas for seating arrangement

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