Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts To Solve Coding Deductive Logic

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts To Solve Coding Deductive Questions

Here, are quick and easy tips and tricks for you to solve Coding Deductive questions quickly and competently in competitive exams.

  1. Constant adding and subtracting the position of the letters.
  2. Signifying the position of the letters in the alphabetical order.
  3. Adding the positions of the letters for making the code of different words.
  4. Adding and subtracting the position of the letters alternatively.
  5. Squaring the number of letters.
  6.  Arrangement of the letters in alphabetical order.
  7. Interchanging the position of the letters.
  8.  Constant adding and reversing the letters to form another word.There are 4 types of questions asked in exams: 

Type 1: Alphabet Coding Deductive or Letter Coding 

Question 1.

In a certain code language, MANAGEMENT is coded as TNEMEGANAM, How is QUALITY written in the same code language? 



Correct answer: B


All the alphabets used in the code are reversed. Therefore, according to the same code language QUALITY will be coded as YTILAUQ. 

Type 2: Number Coding Deductive 

Question 2.

In a certain code language, ADVANCE is coded as 4324169 and ROUND is coded as 80513, How NEEDED is written in the same code language? 


A. 133933 
B. 193239 
C. 199393 
D. 105139 

Correct answer: C



According to the table above, NEEDED will be coded as 199393. 

Type 3: Mixed Letter Coding Deductive/ Deciphering Messages 

Question 3.

If ‘cpt way lin’ stands for ‘happy and sad’; ‘my fin kil’ stands for ‘you are good’ and ‘sue fin le dim’ stands for ‘they are not friends,’ what would ‘are’ stand for? 


A. Kil 
B. Fin 
C. Dim 
D. My 

Correct answer: B


In the 2nd and the 3rd statement ‘you are good’ and ‘they are not friends,’ ‘are’ is common and in their codes ‘my fin kil’ and ‘sue fin le dim’ ‘fin’ is common. Therefore, the code for ‘are’ is ‘fin.’ 

Type 4: Coding by Substitution 

Question 4.

If brown is red, red is pink, pink is jam, jam is butter, butter is blue, and sky is milk, then what is the color of the blood? 


A. Red  
B. Blue 
C. Brown 
D. Pink  

Correct answer: D


The color of blood is red, and as given above in question, red is pink. Therefore, the color of the blood is pink. 

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