Formulas For Letter And Symbols Series

Formulas For Letter And Symbols Series:-


Based on the position of English alphabets, questions are framed under this topic. To solve letter and series problems students need to first understand the positions of the alphabets so that they can solve each and every question quickly and in an easy way. There are various types under this reasoning topic. Let’s discuss all those to know the topic thoroughly.

Formulas & Rules to Follow:

1.Position number of letters in English

letter and symbols series formulas


2.Concept of EJOTY

The second concept to understand the position of alphabets without any efforts in EJOTY. Anyone can easily find out the position by remembering this rule. But it is advisable that you learn the positions of different letters in the alphabet.











For instance, if we need to check the 14th letter from the left side of the alphabet. We already know that the 15th letter from the left-hand side is O, now we want to find letter before O and that is N. Remembering the positions of letters is a key to quickly crack this kind of questions.

3.Position number of letters in reverse form:

formulas for letter and sumbols series


4.Alpha-Numeric Sequence:

A disorderly arrangement of few letters, numbers, and symbols will be there in these Alpha-numeric sequence questions. However, occasionally English alphabets from A to Z are given simply.

5. We know vowels of English alphabets like A, E, I, O and U and leftover are consonants of English

6.First half of English letters are called as A to M and second half of letters are called as N to Z.

7.Left hand side means Z to A or right to left side of English alphabets.

8.Right hand side means A to Z or left to right side of English

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formulas for letter and symbols series