Tips And Tricks And Shortcuts For Selection Decision Tables

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Selections Decision Tables

To solve decision making questions in a fast and understandable way we have divided these into the 2 parts. The detailed description of the same is given below.

Type I: Judgement & Decision Based On Qualification Or Skills

Under this category the question will be related to the vacancy in an organisation. To fill the position, HR or recruiter provides some specific criteria such as eligibility criteria and qualifications of the candidate. This type also includes few exceptions in the eligibility or qualification. All you need to do is to make the right decision from the given choices by selecting a correct answer option. Have a look on the below given sample to understand the topic thoroughly.

Question 1:

You are a General Manager-Human Resources in the Education Department of, where you are dealing with the appointment of ‘Project Managers’ based on preliminary scrutiny and face to face interview. 10 candidates have been shortlisted for one single post. You have to make your recommendation on the basis of candidate’s educational qualification and previous work experience. You have to suggest 3 best candidates in order of preference. A senior IAS officer in the education department, who is known to you, asks you to suggest the first 3 best candidates. How will you decide?

A.  Bring the matter to the CEO of your company and will ask him what to do?

B.  There is one candidate who is known to you. His father daily calls you by offering the amount of Rs.15 lakh for the selection of his son. You will simply put his name on top despite knowing that he is not among the best three.

C.  Examine the profile of all 10 candidates following with face to face interview round and will take a decision after that.

D.  Make sure that the recommended candidate is not selected at all. You should place him in the down.

E. You should first see who are schedule cast candidates in the list and make sure that at least 1 recommendation should be consisting of SC & ST candidates.

Answer: C


The best decision out of all will be to examine the profile of all the candidates and to take decision on the basis of merit only. Thus the correct answer is option (C).

Type 2: Judgement & Decision Based On Combinations Or Traits Or Behaviour

This type includes questions related to the requirement or need of any person or personality or traits of an individual. In the questions details will be provided to you related to the requirement of any individual or details related to the admission of the candidates in any institution or details related to the students and their subjects combination or to gain benefits from a NGO or trust. All you need to do is to make decision from the choices given. Let’s understand the same with the help of an example.

Question 2:

The management of KV International School has received written complaints from parents of female child. They mentioned about bad behavior of boys with girls during dance & sports sessions. The management gave the responsibility of this overall task to the extra curriculum officer of the school. The officer wants to examine and finish this problem as quickly as possible and started sitting in all the dance and sports classes regularly. Now which state of affairs should the extra curriculum officer report to the management?

A.  A small girl is standing alone during sports session and not doing anything except reading a novel.

B.  One boy and one girl are making their own pair and trying to learn salsa.

C.  Four boys are close to one girl and look like they want something from her bag.

D.  Two girls are watching movie in the amphitheater which they are not supposed to do except special sessions.

Answer: C


The incident C is the most serious one. If the four boys in a group will ask forcefully something to a girl then there are chances of feeling insecure or uncomfortable by any one.

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