Formula For Odd Man Out

Formula for Odd Man out Problems:-

We are going to discuss Odd man out Formulas and methods on this page, stay tuned to know how one can easily can get a grasp over Odd man out.

Guess the odd one out

Odd man out Formulas

Method & Formulas for Odd Man out

These types of problems are classified into 3 categories. Details of the same are mentioned below:

1.Alphabet Classification:

In this type, a collection of out of orders letters containing three letters is kept together. To solve this firstly we have to analyse the pattern in which these letters are grouped. And after that we need to check the option which is different from the rest of the options. The option which doesn’t follow the pattern followed by others will be the right answer.

Odd man out formulas

2.Word Classification:

In this category, various things which are related to common properties such as part of speech, places, livings, etc. are present. The odd one will be the one which is different from the above said.

Formulas for Odd man out

3.Number Classification:

In number classification method a collection of numbers is there which follows the same arrangement. In this type we need to analyse the odd arrangement from the group of numbers. These numbers may be related to a certain set i.e. they may be odd, even, coded binary digits etc. the one option which is not in a line with above rule, will be our answer.


Odd man out formulas and methods

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Some Questions Related To Above Formulas:

Question 1: Find the odd one out in the below series 


Answer: 34

2^{2}= 4

Explanation: The above series follows a pattern which is the numbers are perfect square starting with square of 2 , but 34 is not a perfect square, instead 36 must be replaced there .

Question 2: Which number is the odd one out in the following sequence?

14, 28, 42, 56, 72, 84

Answer: 72

14 x 1= 14
14 x 2= 28
14 x 3= 42
14 x 4= 56
14 x 5= 60
14 x 6 =84

Explanation: The number 72 is the odd one out. All the other numbers are multiples of 14, whereas 72 is not.

Question 3: Find the next one that will continue the same pattern in the below series


Answer: HKNQ

Explanation:  The Sequence Followed Above is
J–>+2=M ..and so on and the first letter of the first word is D and then +1 for the next word that is E.. Hence ,HKNQ will be the answer.

Question 4: Which number doesn’t belong in the sequence?

7, 14, 21, 28, 36, 45

Answer: 45 is the odd one out.

Explanation:  The other numbers are all multiples of 7.

Question 5: Which number doesn’t belong in the sequence?

2197,2744,3076, 4096,4913

Answer: 3076

Explanation: As we can observe except 3076 all the numbers form a series of perfect cubes. 

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